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Writing a citation can be a challenge. It's the formal method we use to express our gratitude for and recognize the contributions of our Soldiers. It's very important that the person's unique accomplishments be described accurately but yet remain in the format and language demanded by Army tradition.

A citation means a lot to a Soldier and will endure well past his retirement date. Don't rush this sacred duty. Take the time to give it your best effort. To help get the ball rolling, we're providing some sample citations to use as a starting point.

Army Achievement Medal certificate

AR 600-8-22, 5 March 2019, Section IV

Task: Prepare Award Certificates

3-23. Rules for preparing Army award certificates

a. Proposed certificate citations submitted to HRC, ADB for approval of heroism awards (SM and higher) and for the DSM will be typed double-spaced, no more than 12-inch font, on 8 1/2 by 11-inch paper, and may be continued on one double-spaced typewritten page. Do not submit actual certificates to HRC.

b. All Certificate citations should be limited to a maximum of nine lines.

c. Certificate citations for the MSM, ARCOM, and AAM are limited to six lines.

d. Army policy does not restrict the use of abbreviations and acronyms in award citations. However, due to the inherent historical value of the award certificate and the acts or service it represents, it is imperative that it be prepared with care so that its appearance is professional and dignified. It is also recommended that only the most commonly known abbreviations and acronyms be used in the citation. The abbreviation and/or acronym should be spelled out the first time and followed by the abbreviation and/or acronym in parenthesis. Certificates should include a brief descriptive narrative, but should not be so brief as to distract from its meaning, and should be prepared on a letter quality printer or equivalent.

e. Effective 4 March 1993, the MSM, ARCOM, and AAM and the LM, effective 5 May 2003, will no longer require the overprinted signature of the SECARMY

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