Army Substance Abuse Program (ASAP) Counseling


Counseling on the conditions and requirements of the Army Substance Abuse Program


On 16 Jan 15, you were stopped at the gate and escorted to the clinic for a mandatory blood-alcohol test. The results (.08) justified a charge of driving under the influence (DUI).

Because this was your first offense and because of your exemplary disciplinary record, the commander referred you to the ASAP program.

At that time, you signed a memorandum agreeing to follow the guidance of counselors and specifically not to drink alcohol while in the program.

Yesterday, after the softball game, I smelled alcohol on your breath and saw several empty beer bottles in the bleachers where you were sitting.

Drinking while in the ASAP program is a serious offense. If you refuse to participate in the program or follow the restrictions you agreed to (by drinking alcohol), you will immediately be subject to disciplinary action. You will receive an Article 15 and may even be discharged under Chapter 9.

I have seen several Soldiers end their careers this way. Be smart and do the 30 days or I will have to report you to the First Sergeant.


As your squad leader, it is my responsibility to provide any assistance necessary or to refer you to the appropriate agency when I am incapable of the assistance you require. I am always available to discuss this issue or any other problem you may have. My cell phone is 123-4567.

I will follow up with the ASAP counselor to determine the best course of action.


I will observe and assist ________ in his participation in the ASAP program until its successful conclusion.

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