AWOL Counseling


AWOL/Violation of Article 86 (Absent Without Leave)

You are being counseled for your unauthorized absence from Friday, 5 Nov 18 through 7 Nov 18.


You did not report for duty/attend school 5-7 November 18. You were aware of this duty as it was the 10th week of school. The staff CQ tried to reach you by phone several times a day but was unsuccessful. A runner was sent to your off-base living quarters but was unable to find you until the evening of 7 Nov 18. You failed to meet your educational obligations, wasted the resources of the staff, and interrupted and delayed Block 10 for your class.

Events of a personal nature, such as relationship problems or separations are not an excuse for leaving your place of duty or for failing to meet your military obligations.

In the military, failure to report is a serious crime. The unit cannot function when its members are unreliable and fail to perform their duties. Under Article 86 of the UCMJ, the maximum punishment for AWOL during peacetime is separation or imprisonment.

Any further failure to report will be immediately met with more severe consequences.


Resume school attendance immediately. Your actions will be evaluated by staff and recommendation made to the CO as to the disposition of this offense.

After school, go straight home and remain there. Report to the CQ by phone when you arrive at your living quarters and whenever you leave.

See the First Sergeant on Thursday, 15 Nov 18, at 1000, Bldg 25604, for counseling. Until then, I am available for counseling at any time. My cell phone number is 706-XXX-XXXX. If you want to speak to someone outside our chain of command, the counselors at Command Support Center, Bldg 35200, are available during regular business hours.


I will ensure that Private Eskeban understands the seriousness of the offense and the possible consequences of his actions.

I will monitor PVT Eskeban's behavior and ensure he is able to cope with the circumstances that caused his offense and the consequences of his actions. I will schedule PVT Eskeban for supportive counseling if needed or requested.

I will coordinate with S-1 to complete documentation and for possible Flag action. I will keep PVT Eskeban informed on the status of this action.


Private Eskeban has overcome his personal circumstances and learned to balance his personal responsibilities with his military obligations. He was not washed back but did accept an Article 15 in lieu of court martial. He is maintaining a passing average and continues to advance in his studies. He is on track to graduate with his class and begin his career.

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