Army Body Composition Program (ABCP) Counseling

You are being counseled because you have failed to show improvement this month in the ABCP. According to Army Regulation 600-9, Para. 3-12 a., satisfactory progress in the ABCP is defined as a monthly weight loss of either 3 to 8 pounds or 1 percent body fat. Your allowable weight is 163. In October you weighed 211 which is 48 pounds overweight. You currently weigh 218 pounds which is 55 pounds overweight. That is a total weight gain of 7 pounds. This is unacceptable as the standard is clear for losing 3 to 8 pounds. You are authorized 22% body fat. In October you were 25% body fat which is 3 percent over. Now you are 26% body fat which is a gain of 1%. Again this is unacceptable. The standard is a loss of 1% body fat.

According to AR-600-9 para. 2-12b., a Soldier enrolled in the ABCP is considered to be failing the program if: (1) He or she exhibits less than satisfactory progress on two consecutive monthly ABCP assessments. This means that if you fail to show progress next month that you will be considered to be failing the program in which case the commander will initiate a medical evaluation. If the medical evaluation finds no underlying medical condition, the commander will initiate separation action, bar to reenlistment, or involuntary transfer to the IRR in accordance with AR 140-10.

Starting immediately I want you to keep track of your calorie intake. This can be done a number of ways, smart-phone apps, or just writing it in a notebook and researching the calorie count. I want to be able to see everything you are eating and what your daily intake is. This includes water. I need to know you are drinking enough water. I will randomly check you throughout the next few weeks to make sure you are keeping up with it.

I want you to build a work out plan for your daily workouts. This plan will cover at least 2 weeks and you will follow this plan and continue to build on the plan as you get stronger. Every week you will build the program for the next week and I want to see it every Monday by COB. These workouts need to cover a wide range of exercise from muscle training to high intensity cardio.

You will also attend one of the Army Fit classes with the nutritionist.

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