Basic Leader Course (BLC) Counseling

You are not currently qualified for your assigned duty position or you have requested attendance in an NCOES school. This counseling is to notify you that you have been enrolled in ____BLC______ with a report date of ___5 FEB 2018_____.

This course (does/does not) include a Distance Learning (DL) Module that must be completed before you attend the residence phase of the training.

You should be aware that if you fail to complete any portion of this course you will not be allowed to enroll into a course for at least 12 months from the scheduled start date of this course. If your failure is due to APFT you will be required to achieve 75% in each event on the APFT prior to being allowed to enroll at the 12 month mark and 75% at the 30 day prior to start of the course mark.

Note: Required level of SSD must be complete prior to enrollment for NCOES.


As your NCOIC it is my responsibility to:

1. Make sure you are enrolled in an appropriate school that will meet the requirements of your current duty position and grade.

2. Work with you and the Readiness/Training NCO to select a course schedule that you can complete so that you stay in compliance with policy.

3. Assist you with any difficulties you may have in completing this training.

4. Arrange for you to use an Armory closer to your HOR to complete any Distance Learning (DL) requirements if you request it.

5. Work with you to develop a plan and schedule for completing all required segments of your DL component with a target completion date of 14 days prior to the start of your course and then monitor your success against that plan. I will provide a copy of that plan to the 1SG and the RNCO.

6. Help you get rescheduled if you must cancel for reasons outside of your control. Arrange with the Readiness/Training NCO for you to reschedule the course and notify the 1SG. If you fail to meet the standard or complete the course due to negligence, it is my responsibility to administer appropriate punitive measures.

7. Assure you meet required height/weight standards, 30 days prior to attending this course, by administering a diagnostic APFT and weight assessment.

8. Assure appropriate travel arrangements have been made for you to attend any residence phase and notify you of those arrangements. I will contact you prior to your departure and offer help in getting to the departure point.

9. When you return I will review your DA Form 1059 with you and explain any areas of concern you may have. I will assist you in getting it PERMED within the first week after you return so that your records will be updated to reflect your success.

10. Complete the Pre-execution check list (TRADOC FORM 350-18-2-R-E), required of all ARMY Schools.

11. Review your DD1351-2 (DTS Voucher) upon completion of training to assure it is accurate and processed in a timely fashion.

It is your responsibility to:

1. Maintain and monitor your Army Knowledge On-Line (AKO) account and e-mail for notifications about any pre-course requirements.

2. Complete any DL portions of this course 30 Days prior to the start date of the resident phase and notify me immediately when you complete it. If you do not have access to a computer, you will immediately notify me so I can assist you in getting your DL completed on a computer at the Armory. If there is an Armory nearer your home, that you prefer to use, notify me that you need assistance in making arrangements at that Armory.

3. Keep me notified of any difficulties you are having in completing any segment of the training or of any complications that may preclude you from attending the course and completing it successfully.

4. Work with me to develop a plan and schedule for completing each DL module and then complete the modules accordingly.

5. Successfully complete a Diagnostic APFT 30 days prior to starting the residence phase of this training and to meet any height/weight limitations.

6. Successfully complete all segments of the training and notify me and the RNCO immediately if for any reason you fail to complete any component.

7. If a government travel card is used to cover any of your expenses while traveling you will assure that your DD1351-2 (DTS Voucher) is completed correctly to provide for split disbursements to cover any authorized charges and that the GTC is not used for any unauthorized purchases.

8. Coordinate with your employer for appropriate time away to complete the full time training component.


1. Identify School Schedule and enrollment (NCOIC/Student)

2. Define any DL requirements and discuss with student (NCOIC/Student)

3. Develop Completion Schedules and monitor progress accordingly for (check those required)

____ DL Segments (NCOIC/Student)
____ Height/Weight evaluation (NCOIC)
____ OTHER: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

4. Arrange for Transportation to residence phase and make sure Soldier complies. (NCOIC)

5. Contact NCOIC upon arrival at residence phase to notify of arrival and resolve any issues (Student)

6. Contact Soldier periodically during residence phase (NCOIC)

Student Personal Information:
Current Address: ________________________________________
Current Phone: H: ____________ W:____________ C:__________
AKO E-mail Address: __________________________________
Civilian E-mail Address: ___________________________

NCOIC Personal Information:
Current Address: ________________________________________
Current Phone: H: ____________ W:___________ C:___________
AKO E-mail Address: __________________________________
Civilian E-mail Address: ___________________________


MOSQ: (CIRCLE IF APPROPRIATE) If you do not complete the required school within 12 months of position assignment, policy requires that you be transferred to a duty position for which you are qualified at your current rank. If one is not available at your current rank you will be placed in a position at a rank lower but as close to your current rank as possible. This new assignment will be made at a unit as close to your HOR as can be accommodated, including units other than the one to which you are currently assigned.

NCOES: (CIRCLE IF APPROPRIATE) NCOES Schools are a privilege offered to Soldiers who have demonstrated the necessary skills and have earned the right to attend them. Failure to complete a course will remove you from promotion consideration for 12 months.

CANCELLATIONS: Any Soldier that cancels out of a school twice within a 12 month period will have to wait 12 months to reapply for the course.

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