GT Score Improvement Counseling


Inform the Soldier of the opportunity to raise their GT Score


A GT score is your score on the general technical section of the ASVAB and is a combination of 3 subjects: arithmetic reasoning, paragraph comprehension and vocabulary. In general, it measures your aptitude for learning.

Your GT score is _____. I recommend you retake the test in order to raise your GT score.

The reason for this is that a lower score limits your opportunities in the Army. Desireable jobs or positions, such as warrant officer or special forces and even some service schools, require higher GT scores. A GT score of 110 is required for retraining. A GT score of 110 is also the minimum requirement for Drill Sergeant, Recruiter, and other special duty assignments.

If you decide to pursue this opportunity, our unit will provide the study material required to prepare for the test and someone will be assigned to coach you if you need help. You can take an hour off every day to study and I will be glad to help if needed. The AFCT does not actually measure intelligence. It only measures your familiarity with terms associated with what the test creators considered to be key topics. With just a moderate amount of study, you can easily make huge gains in your score.

Before you retake the AFCT, you will be given a GT predictor test which will measure your progress and readiness for the retest. You will be given 30 days to study for the GT predictor test. If your score is good (above 100), you can then sign up to take the Armed Forces Classification Test (AFCT).

You should be aware that, if you retake the AFCT, your new scores will count even if your new score is lower. For that reason it is important that you take this seriously and prepare for the exam.

This is a voluntary action that will expand your opportunities in the Army. You should not assume that it doesn't matter because you'll be getting out. If circumstances change, it's best to be prepared and to have as many options as possible. This is an easy way to increase your future potential and I am confident that you'll do well.

_____ (Soldier's Initial)

IAW the Privacy Act of 1974, the contents of this document contain privileged or other confidential information. Unauthorized disclosure may result in civil and criminal sanctions. If you are not the intended recipient, or believe you have received this communication in error, do not reproduce, retransmit, disseminate, or otherwise use this information.


I will obtain the required GT predictor test material for you.

I or SSG Jenkins will help you study (if needed).

When you're ready, you can schedule yourself for the GT predictor test at the Education Center.

When the predictor test results are favorable, I will schedule you for the AFCT test.

I will follow up with the education center to determine the best course of action. I am available any time to discuss this issue or any other problem that you may have. My cell phone number is 123-4567.


I will ensure the Soldier has the necessary materials.

I will provide the Soldier with a study coach if needed.

I will follow up to ensure the Soldier is scheduled for the GT predictor test and evaluate results.

I will observe and assist PVT Jacobs in his efforts to improve his credentials.

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