Failed Record APFT Counseling

PV2 XXX, you are receiving this counseling because you failed the record APFT given today, September 22. The APFT was given at the XXXX company area. As a Soldier, you are expected to pass the APFT at any given time. For your age group and gender, your minimum standards are:

Run: 18:54     Sit-ups: 53     Push-ups: 19

You completed the test with Run (time/score):_______/____     Push-ups (reps/score): ____/____     Sit-ups (reps/score): ____/____ for an overall score of _____ .

You must achieve a score of 60 in each event to pass the APFT. Due to this failure you may be flagged and have all favorable actions suspended. These include promotions and awards. You will be put on a remedial PRT program and given a diagnostic APFT every 30 days. You have 90 days to pass the APFT, if you fail to do so you will be recommended for chapter from the Army.

- SM will be enrolled in remedial PT
- Recommend flag
- SM will improve physical fitness and strive to pass APFT within 90 days

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