Bar to Continued Service Counseling

SPC Fauchi, I am notifying you that you may not be a candidate for further service. I am recommending a Bar to Continued Service be imposed on you for being Noncompetitive for Promotion. On 27 August 2019 you received a "DO NOT RECOMMEND" from a board of senior NCOs after your attendance of the promotion board on 27 May 2019.

In Accordance with AR 601-280 Chapter 8, mandatory reasons are:

(1) Does not make satisfactory progress in the Army Body Composition Program (see AR 600-9).
(2) Fails two consecutive APFTs (see AR 350-1 ).
(3) Is removed for cause from Noncommissioned Officer Education System courses.
(4) Lost PMOS qualification IAW DA Pam 611-21 due to the fault of the Soldier.
(5) Is denied by the commander for automatic integration onto the sergeant or staff sergeant promotion standing list IAW AR 600-8-19.
(6) Has an incident involving the use of illegal drugs or alcohol within the current enlistment and/or reenlistment period resulting in an officially filed letter of reprimand; a finding of guilty under Article 15, UCMJ; a civilian criminal conviction; or a conviction by court-martial.
(7) Has two or more separate proceedings under Article 15, UCMJ resulting in a finding of guilty by a field grade commander during the Soldier's current enlistment or period of service.
(8) Is AWOL more than 96 hours during the current enlistment and/or reenlistment period.

Other examples (para 8-4.D.):

(1) Soldier denied continued service by his or her immediate commander.
(2) Lateness to formations, details, or assigned duties.
(3) AWOL for 1- to 24-hour periods.
(4) Losses of clothing and equipment.
(5) Substandard personal appearance.
(6) Substandard personal hygiene.
(7) Continuous indebtedness, reluctance to repay, or late payments.
(8) Article 15(s).
(9) Frequent traffic violations.
(10) Excessive number of sick calls without medical justification.
(11) Lateness returning from pass or leave.
(12) Cannot follow orders, shirks responsibilities, takes too much time, or is recalcitrant.
(13) Cannot train for a job, is apathetic, or is disinterested.
(14) Cannot adapt to military life, is uncooperative, or is involved in frequent difficulties with fellow Soldiers.
(15) Fails to manage personal, marital, or Family affairs, including failure to respond to duty requirements due to parenthood or custody (e.g. unsat Family Care Plan.)
(16) Causes trouble in the civilian community.
(17) Personal behavior brings discredit upon his or her unit or the Army.
(18) Fails to achieve individual weapons qualification.
(19) Fails to pass the record APFT.
****(20) Noncompetitive for promotion- lack of potential for future service, declines NCOES, not recommended for promotion, not on pace with peers of same CMF.****

I will coordinate with the First Sergeant and the Commander to determine the best course of action for a Soldier in this situation. I will continue to observe and document behavior and performance. I will ensure that our leadership is aware of this counseling and will provide guidance and assistance if requested.

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