Barracks Privacy Counseling


The purpose of this counseling is to discuss your failure to announce your presence before opening doors in the barracks.


On Friday morning, during room inspections at Barracks 200, in the course of your duties as Barracks Room Inspector, you used the Barracks master key to open the door and enter a female Soldier's room without announcing your presence first. Because of this, two occupants in a state of undress, were exposed to you and whoever was in the hallway.

Soldiers are entitled to a reasonable expectation of privacy when they occupy government quarters, whether in the barracks or in on-base living quarters. Entering a Soldier's room without knocking or announcing your presense is a clear violation of the Soldier's privacy and, under some circumstances, could be perceived by female residents as sexual harassment.

Your actions may have been inadvertent or accidental but they violated the privacy of at least one room occupant. I am making the judgment, based on my experience with barracks inspections and your exemplary behavior in the past, that this was an oversight or an accident, not likely to be repeated. But be aware, if this action is repeated, it could have serious consequences.

Conversely, being a female Soldier in a mostly male barracks does not exempt females from inspection. Females are expected to check the bulletin board daily for announcements and to comply with policies like all other residents.


In the future, to prevent this from happening again, a female NCO, if available, should be present when inspecting rooms occupied by women. In addition, inspection schedules should be published at least 48 hours in advance and posted in a manner that allows all residents to be forewarned. Unannounced room inspections are discouraged and should only be conducted after being approved by the Commander.


I will ensure that any order I give is lawful, morally sound, and does not risk a Soldier's health, morale, or welfare. I will monitor Sergeant Sullivan's actions and ensure he complies with barracks policies.

I will provide corrective training if Sergeant Sullivan does not adhere to standards.


Sergeant Sullivan understands that compliance with the barracks OI is mandatory and now shows great consideration for the privacy of barracks occupants. He continues to be a valued and indispensable member of our team.

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