Failure to Follow the Chain of Command

Purpose of Counseling

The purpose of this counseling is to inform you of the requirement to use the chain of command for all matters.

Key Points of Discussion

SPC H, on April 25, 2023 during breakfast serving period, I, SSG Richardson was notified by the Warrior Restaurant Manager that you SPC H, went to talk with the acting First Sergeant Johnson at 1330 on April 24th, 2023, without an escort nor your first line supervisor. Your reason for going to see First Sergeant was, and I quote "I needed to know who to put on my leave form because no one knows whose name to put".

SGT Tieman and I were tracking that you wanted to take leave, and that you kept trying to put it in through Rear Detachment. April 10th is when you notified SGT Tieman, and he helped create two new DA31's for you. Once you saw that time was running out, you did not check on nor verify your status of the leave you wanted to take.

SPC H, this is a "NO-GO at this station", you will not ever skip over your chain of command unless instructed to. If there's issues that you are having with your Chain of Command, you will state so, and we will ask what we can do on our level to fix the situation that you may have, and if we can't come to terms, you have every right to talk with the First Sergeant once they are notified that you want to speak with them.

SPC H, if you skip your Chain of Command again, I will seek a different kind of corrective training.

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