Corrective Training

Purpose of Counseling: Corrective Training


AR 600-20, Army Command Policy, para 4-6b
AR 27-10, Military Justice, para 3-3c
How to Counsel Soldiers
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Key Points of Discussion:

1. Corrective training (extra or remedial training) is an effective non-punitive disciplinary measure appropriate when a soldier's duty performance does not meet standards and the Soldier would benefit from extra training. It must be directly related to an observed deficiency and it must be oriented towards improving the Soldier's performance in the problem area.

2. A Soldier's commander or any NCO in the Soldier's supervisory chain may authorize corrective training. Army regulations allow corrective training to be conducted during or after normal duty hours. A member of the Soldier's chain of command should be present and supervising the corrective training session.

3. Corrective training is not punishment and should not be confused with extra duty imposed as punishment under Article 15, UCMJ. Extra duty, as a form of nonjudicial punishment, need not be related to the Soldier's misconduct. For example, a Soldier who receives an Article 15 for being AWOL may be required to work in the chow hall as extra duty.

Plan of Action:

You have been tasked to....

Corrective training will begin at 1600 at...

Corrective training will be completed when...

Leader Responsibilities:

I will ensure that SM has sufficient time for training and will closely monitor SM's performance and ensure he is given every opportunity available for training.

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