Counseling for False Statements

Purpose of Counseling

* Insubordinate Conduct toward a Non Commissioned Officer/ Article 91

* Failure to Report/ Article 86

* Dereliction of Duty/ Article 92

* False or Unauthorized Pass Offenses, False Pretenses/ Article 134

Key Points of Discussion

SPC______, I am counseling you for the conduct stated above. On 18 March 2018 at 2106HRS you informed me that your family, who were visiting from out of town, had decided to stay an extra day. You requested that you be exempt from work the following duty day, Monday 19 March 2019, to spend an extra day with your family. Based on the assumption that the information you provided was accurate and true, I informed you that you could leave work at Lunchtime (at or around 1130HRS) after Command Maintenance was complete. During Command Maintenance, SFC_______ and I were made aware that your Family had left the day prior to your request on Saturday 17 March around mid day. Knowing this information prior to you leaving for the day, your Platoon Sergeant, SFC_____, inquired about your family still being in town to see if you would demonstrate the Army Values, specifically Honesty, and tell him the truth; you responded with "yes SFC _____, they are leaving tonight; they are currently still in bed asleep."

On 21 March 2018 at 2030HRS, you informed me that you were planning on going to Dental sick call at the North Troop Medical Center the following morning after you have performed your responsibilities at Battalion sick call from 0530-0600. The following day during Physical Readiness Training, I made several attempts to reach you via phone from 0630-0715 to inform you of a time sensitive task that I needed you to perform. When I was finally able to reach you, you informed me that after Sick call you had returned home to get changed and that you were on your way to dental sick call. I later discovered that, again, the information you provided me was not true. Furthermore, you asked another Soldier to lie for you in the event that he was questioned about you being present for duty that morning. SPC______, in addition to not being at your appointed place of duty that morning, you also did not attend Dental Sick Call, but informed your leadership that you did.

You have demonstrated a serious and intentional lack of integrity and betrayed my trust by acting in this manner. Our job depends on absolute trust between Soldiers and Leadership and when that trust is broken, it undermines our unit's cohesion and effectiveness. Further incidents of this nature will not be tolerated and if it occurs again, UCMJ action will be taken immediately.

If this conduct continues, action may be initiated to separate you from the Army under AR 635-200. If you are involuntarily separated, you could receive an Under Other Than Honorable Conditions discharge. A discharge Under Other Than Honorable Conditions is based upon a pattern of behavior or one or more acts or omissions that constitute a significant departure from the conduct expected of a soldier. An Under Other Than Honorable Conditions discharge may be awarded for separation under Chapter 14 for misconduct. If you receive an Under Other Than Honorable Conditions discharge, you will be ineligible for reenlistment and for most benefits, including payment for accrued leave, transitional benefits, the GI Bill and transportation of dependents and household goods to home of record. You may also face difficulty in obtaining civilian employment, as employers have a low regard for Under Other Than Honorable Conditions discharges. Although there are agencies to which you may apply to have the character of your discharge changed, it is unlikely that any such application will be successful.

Plan of Action

Soldier will provide Leadership with documentation showing all future appointments prior to attending appointments.

Soldier will provide appointment slips confirming that Soldier attended appointment.

Soldier will be located at his Barracks, room 102, Bldg. 8488 at 0515 on Duty days for room inspection from Leadership until 20 April 2018.

Leader Responsibilities:

I realize that a few incidents over a short period do not completely describe or represent your character. And I know that you have made a number of significant positive contributions to the unit in the past. However, dishonesty, lying, making false statements, and insubordination cannot and will not be tolerated.

I will coordinate with the Platoon Sergeant, First Sergeant and the Commander to determine the best course of action for a Soldier in this situation. I will monitor behavior and performance. I will be available for counseling at any time.

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