False Statement on Car Insurance

Purpose of Counseling

Event-Oriented: No Insurance on Motor Vehicle

Key Points of Discussion

SPC XXXXX, you purchased a vehicle after arrival to ---- around 11/. You did some work and got it running and have been driving it. SGT -------, CPL --------, and myself have all asked you if it was insured, what the title status was, and if it was registered. You told all three of us that it was insured. You lied to three NCOS.

You failed to demonstrate the Army Values, specifically Honesty. You have demonstrated a serious and intentional lack of integrity and betrayed my trust by acting in this manner. Our job depends on absolute trust between Soldiers and Leadership and when that trust is broken, it undermines our unit's cohesion and effectiveness. Behavior of this nature will not be tolerated. If this behavior continues it could result in a recommendation for UCMJ action.

Plan of Action

On 20201208 you will lay out our vehicle BII in front of the storage area. It will be laid out dress right dress by the technical manual that I will provide. After it is inspected it will be dried off and cleaned of any dust or dirt. Items that are rusty will be cleaned and painted. It will then be placed back in its prospective locker to ensure that we have all safety and emergency equipment.

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