Accountability Counseling

PV2 _______, I, SGT _______, am counseling you today to point out and attempt to correct deficiencies that I see in you as a Soldier. You have only been on my team for a week and I have observed three major issues that are extremely concerning to me. I will address two of them in this counseling and will address the third issue, your poor state of physical fitness, in a separate counseling.

The first issue is that you are here in Korea without a Gas Mask. This means that you are NOT fully mission capable. When you switched over to my team you told me that you did not have a Gas Mask and the reason was "because they haven't issued it to me yet". But yesterday we discovered that you did sign a hand receipt for a Gas Mask. When I questioned you about this, you stated again that you were not issued a Gas Mask even though you signed the hand receipt. I told you that, if for some reason you had just left your gas mask behind in the rear or simply lost it, you need to report it as soon as possible. You must understand that, because you signed the hand receipt stating that you received one, you are responsible for it and you will have to do a statement of charges and pay for a new Gas Mask to become fully mission capable.

The second issue arose today during our readiness exercise. When I was asked by leadership to get accountability of our sensitive items I came to you and asked if you had your M9 pistol. You stated "yes Sergeant it is in my leg holster right here". I took your word that you had it and my understanding was that everyone on our team had drawn an M9 from the Arms room. Approximately a half hour later I came by again to ensure everyone on our team had a lanyard attaching their M9 to their person, again you stated that you did and that it was attached, but as I was walking away from the vehicle you informed me that you thought you might have lost your M9 because between the time that you told me you had it and the time I asked about your lanyard "it went missing". Because you were selected for RTO duties during the exercise, I along with our Section Sergeant took time out of our other responsibilities and tried to retrace your route to find your M9. We tried to find your weapon for you because you stated that you had drawn it and you must have "lost it on the way to the motorpool from the company". However, when we arrived at the company, the armorers stated that you had NOT drawn your M9 pistol and that it was still in the Arms room. When I arrived back to the motorpool I questioned you about how you were able to come to the conclusion that you thought you had lost your weapon when you had not even drawn it, for which your best answers were "I just thought I had drawn it" and "I am tired".

After considering your inability to properly account for your Gas Mask and the issue with your M9, I can only conclude that you have not been properly trained in your responsibilities or in how to maintain accountability of your essential gear. In addition, you have established a pattern of not telling the whole truth to your leadership to avoid punishment and corrective training.

PV2 _____, I believe that you were not 100% honest with yourself or me about your Gas Mask and I believe that you were not completely honest about having actually drawn your M9 this morning. I believe that you require Corrective Training (listed in the Plan of Action) and I am stating that this pattern of unaccountability and dishonesty to yourself and to your leadership must stop immediately.

You are being counseled for the above indicated misconduct and/or unsatisfactory duty performance IAW AR 635-200, 1-16b. Continued behavior of this kind may result in initiation of separation action to eliminate you from the Army or non-judicial punishment. Any further acts of misconduct or unsatisfactory performance may cause you to be eliminated from the Army. If you are administratively separated from the Army, you could receive an Honorable (HON), General Under Honorable (GEN) or an Other Than Honorable (OTH) Conditions Discharge. Any less than Honorable discharge could deprive you of many or all military and Veterans Administration (VA) benefits including loss of both education benefits and civil service retirement credit. A negative characterization of your service can have lasting negative impact on future civilian employment. Should you receive a discharge less favorable than Honorable you may apply to have your characterization of service upgraded by the Army Board for the Correction of Military Records and/or the Army Discharge Review Board._______(SM Initials)

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