Haircut Counseling


  Purpose of Counseling:

  Failure to maintain standards (haircut) IAW AR 670-1 Para 1-8

Complete this section during or immediately subsequent to counseling.

SPC Sullivan, on 10 May 2013, after being identified as not meeting standards in personal appearance, you were verbally counseled about the importance of personal appearance and maintaining standards. Today I noticed that your hair is still out of regulations. In order to make sure there is no misunderstanding, the specific problem is that your sideburns are too long, your mustache is too wide, and the hair on the side of your head touches and extends past your ears.

This counseling statement has been furnished to you, not as a punitive measure under the provisions of article 15, UCMJ, but as an administrative measure to stress that continued behavior of the same or a similar nature may result in initiation of action separating you from the U.S. Army under the provisions of Chapter (5) (8) (11) (13) (14) , AR 635-200. Such action may result in either an Honorable Discharge, General Discharge, or an Other Than Honorable (OTH) Discharge. If you receive a General or an OTH Discharge, this could result in the possible loss of some or all Veterans Benefits and substantial prejudice in obtaining civilian employment. In addition, if you have contributed money to the Montgomery G.I. Bill and you are released from active duty with a less than Honorable Discharge, you will not be eligible to receive money for educational purposes and any money already contributed for educational purposes is nonrefundable and may be forfeited.

This form will be destroyed upon: reassignment (other than rehabilitative transfers), separation at ETS, or upon retirement. For separation requirements and notification of loss of benefits/consequences see local directives and AR 635-200.

DA FORM 4856-E, JUN 99                         EDITION OF JUN 85 IS OBSOLETE

  Plan of Action:

Review AR-670-1 and make a trip to the base barber shop. The barbers are familiar with the regulation and will do the hard work for you. I cannot stress enough how basic and foundational it is to maintain good grooming standards. Everything else you learn in the Army will build upon this foundation. Without an underlying self-discipline and ability to understand and meet standards, you may not be able to progress in this man's Army.

This, like many tasks we are responsible for, is a cyclical requirement and you and I must develop a plan to help you execute this responsibility on a regular basis --without fail. Associate this task with some other duty that you perform on a regular basis, like cashing a paycheck or attending church, so that you don't forget to do it. This is important. If you do not acquire this skill and are identified again as not meeting standards, more serious consequences will follow.

Session Closing: (The leader summarizes the key points of the session and checks to ensure the subordinate understands the plan of action. The subordinate agrees/disagrees and provides remarks if appropriate)

Individual counseled:       I agree / disagree with the information above

Individual counseled remarks:

Signature of Individual Counseled: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Date: _20 May 2013_

Leader Responsibilities: (Leader's responsibilities in implementing the plan of action)

I will ensure that our leadership is aware of this counseling and will provide guidance and assistance whenever you request it or need it.

Signature of Counselor: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Date: _20 May 2013_


Assessment: (Did the plan of action achieve the desired results? This section is completed by both the leader and the individual counseled and provides useful information for follow-up counseling)

SPC Sullivan has recognized the importance of regular grooming and has established a method of ensuring he meets and remains in standards. His appearance has improved and he now exceeds standards. SPC Sullivan's success will undoubtedly carry over into other areas of his career.

Counselor: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Individual Counseled: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Date: _ _ _ _ _ _

Note: Both the counselor and the individual counseled should retain a record of the counseling.

  DA FORM 4856-E (Reverse)                    

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