NCOES Course Counseling

Purpose of Counseling

***Squad Leaders (SL) will gather all necessary school's information from the Training NCO, and will conduct their Soldiers' counseling. SL forwards counseling to their Platoon Sergeants (PSG) for verification. PSG will then forward consolidated counseling to their Training NCOs for validation.

Notification of Enrollment in Military School: An application for a service school has been processed for you. You are officially notified that you are required to attend the course identified below:

__X__MOS Producing Course     ____MOS Enhancement Course (ASI/SQI/Other)

____NCOES     ____OES     ____ Other

Class will be performed in:
        __X__ADT Status (Active Duty)
        _____Duty is ALTERNATE AT and will replace your Unit Annual Training.
        _____Duty is ADDITIONAL AT and will be performed in addition to Unit AT.

Key Points of Discussion

1. You are enrolled into: ____ SCH: ____ CRS: _______ CLS: ___

2. Report Date: __________
    Start Date: __________
    End Date: __________

3. Class Location: ____________________

4. Pre-execution Checklist will be completed prior departure to avoid any issues.

5. You must meet the Height & Weight and the APFT standards. As necessary, you may be given the APFT for diagnostic purposes 90, 60, and 30 days prior to start date in order to ensure standards are met.

6. You currently have a: Pending - Wait - Reservation in ATRRS for this enrollment.

7. Your Request For Order and DTS submission will be processed by the Unit Administrator. We will follow up to ensure there's no issue.

8. You have been provided the school house information directly from ATRRS (SH) application. Course requirements, POCs, packing list and everything else you need to know will be provided and discussed during this counseling session.

9. It is very important that you are made aware on the consequences for not meeting the course standards. Your DA1059 will have one of the four bullet comments written on it upon course completion and it could significantly affect your career progression: FAILED TO MEET, MARGINALLY ACHIEVED, ACHIEVED COURSE STANDARDS, EXCEEDS COURSE STANDARDS.

10. You will need to keep your employer informed a head of time on this enrollment to prevent any issues. Provide school dates, orders if available, if not, then a military letter to your employer will be provided in lieu of the orders excusing you from your employment.

11. Financially, you will need adequate amount of cash to cover incidentals during your travel. All other costs should be covered in your orders, i.e. meals, lodging.

12. You will provide a current contact information prior departure for this course, in case of emergencies or other reasons the chain of command may need to contact you or your next of kin (NOK).

Soldier's POC: Home Address: _______________________________________.

Home Phone Number:__________________.   Cell Phone Number:__________________.

(NOK) Notify in case of an emergency: NAME:______________________________. RELATIONSHIP:_________.

Home Phone Number:__________________.   Cell: Phone Number:_________________.

You have been informed of confirmed enrollment in the above course(s) and have acknowledged that the above dates are adequate. Once the course reservation is confirmed, you WILL NOT be allowed to cancel from the course less than 45 days prior to the start date, unless it's deemed an emergency, an illness, or injury. You have the responsibility to keep us informed, to include providing necessary documentation as a proof or justification.

***Soldier understands the cancellation policy, and further acknowledge that a "NO SHOW" is subject to punishment under the UCMJ. If your performance and conduct are deemed unsatisfactory, you may face punishment under the UCMJ or be processed for separation under the provisions of AR 135-175 Chapter 2; AR 135-178 Chapter 6, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 or 16; AR 635-200 Chapter 4, 5, 6, 9, 10, 11, 13, 14, 15, 16, 18 or 19 or AR 15-6. If you are processed for separation under the provisions of AR 135-175, AR 135-178, AR 635-200 or AR 15-6 you may receive a general discharge or an other than honorable discharge. Each type of discharge may have serious consequences affecting civilian employment, Veteran's Benefits or future service in the Armed Forces.

Plan of Action

1. You will assist in the enrollment process by keeping your chain of command informed on any issues that would be a concern, or anything that would prevent you from attending and completing this course.

2. Take the diagnostic APFT and HT/WT as necessary, 90-60-30 days out.

APFT: 90 days prior to report date: ___________PASS / FAIL 60 Days: ___________ PASS / FAIL 30 days: __________PASS /FAIL. (See DA Form 705)

HTWT: 90 days prior to report date: ___________PASS / FAIL 60 Days: ___________ PASS / FAIL 30 days: __________PASS /FAIL. (See DA Form 5500/5501)

3. Follow up on course reservation status periodically.

4. Follow up on the status of orders, and itinerary for travel. Communicate travel plans.

5. Complete TRiPS on-line travel plans. Go to (Log-in with your AKO user name & PW)

6. Have all the required gear needed for the course in accordance with the packing list provided from the school house.

_____POV INSPECTION (If driving)
_____TRiPS COMPLETION (If driving)

Session Closing

1. Call us when you have arrived at the school location. Our POC information is below:

Training NCO: ____________________   Phone: __________________   Email: __________________________

Unit Administrator/HRNCO: ____________________   Phone: _________________   Email: ___________________________

2. Bring us copies of your 1059 and travel voucher within 5 working days upon return.

Leaders Responsibilities

Follow up and assist Soldier in preparation for the course. Set Soldier up for success. Monitor planning, coordination, and execution.

______________________________   ____________________   ____________

(Print Rank, Last Name, First Name of PSG)     (Signature of PSG)     (Date)

***By signing the above, the PSG confirmed that the Soldier's enrollment and pre-execution checklist has been verified and ready for the course.


On Date:__________you have been made aware on the standards for meeting or not meeting the NCOES course requirements as noted in Part III of this counseling.

Your DA1059 course completion date as of __________ reflected the following selected comments below:


The plan of action ( achieved / not achieved ) the desired results.

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