Promotion Board Declination


Event-Oriented Counseling

Declination for promotion board


SGT Lyatch you are hereby counseled on your declination for promotion to the rank of SSG / E-6.

Soldiers are recommended for promotion when they demonstrate duty performance above their current grade. Areas used to evaluate a Soldier's potential for promotion are skills, knowledge and attitude, morals and ethics, and potential to assume the responsibilities of the next higher grade.

SGT Lyatch, I have been your supervisor for the past month and have not seen you perform to the level required for the next higher rank. In addition, I have seen that you do not have a sufficient knowledge base or an acceptable attendance rate due to family issues and appointments. For these reasons I cannot recommend you for promotion at this time.

IAW AR 600-8-19, a declination of board consideration is a written statement signed by the Solider and witnessed by an NCO or officer, acknowledging counseling and which will be maintained in a local file. A declination statement will not be filed in the AMHRR. The declination will remain in effect for any subsequent boards until the Soldier changes his or her mind and requests board consideration. In this event, the declination will be removed from the local file, annotated by records manager to indicate the declination was withdrawn on a specified date, retained by the records manager until the next regular board is convened, and then destroyed.

The objective of the Army promotion system is to fill authorized enlisted billets (positions) with qualified Soldiers regardless of race, creed, sex, or ethnic background, and to preclude promoting Soldiers who are not the best qualified. It must be noted that lack of counseling is not grounds for consideration for promotion. If recommended for promotion, you may not be promoted based on the promotion allocations or waiver requirements, even if fully qualified. If you are not recommended for promotion, you will be counseled again in 30 days to reexamine your potential for promotion. Your failure to correct any aforementioned condition that precluded your previous consideration will continue to prevent your advancement to the next higher grade. Continued failure on your part to show potential may or may not subject you to evaluation for continued service. If you are currently on the local promotion standing list and have failed to achieve adequate points to advance to the next higher grade, you will be counseled on how to improve your chance for promotion.


o Prepare and study for the next Soldier of the Month board so you can build confidence and be better prepared for future promotion boards.

o Have the Soldier attend at minimum (1) Soldier of the Month board.

o When you're ready and have attended a Soldier of the Month board, you will be better prepared to pass the promotion board.

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