Dereliction of Duty Counseling


  Purpose of Counseling

This morning, SFC Holman, the Maintenance NCO, told me that when he reported for work, you were missing and that he eventually found you sleeping behind the transmitters. The purpose of this counseling is to make you understand that that kind of behavior is unacceptable and not only unacceptable but a violation of the trust we put in you to care for your Soldiers. There will be no further incidents like this or I will personally initiate action to have you separated from the military.

Complete this section during or immediately subsequent to counseling.

  Key Points of Discussion:

You are assigned as the mid-shift supervisor. You are a SSG and have over 5 years of experience. You are in charge of four first-term Soldiers who just got out of AIT and know very little about their duties. You are responsible for their safety and their training. After SFC Holman told me he found you sleeping when he came on duty, I interviewed your shift members before they went home. They told me that sleeping on duty is a regular practice for you and that sometimes, after signing in and taking the brief, you just leave and don't come back and just leave them unsupervised! They have been covering for you because they don't know better.

Your actions show a shameful disregard for your Soldiers, your duties, and your responsibilities. I hope this disregard is unintentional and the result of unthinking youth and inexperience because I'd hate to think anyone in this unit would be so selfish as to totally ignore their Soldiers and care nothing about their welfare. But your intentions are immaterial now. You knowingly violated our trust and abandoned your post. You left inexperienced Soldiers alone to perform unsupervised maintenance on high voltage equipment.

You risked our mission which supports CENTCOM and SOCOM and the lives of your Soldiers.

Separation actions may be initiated if unsatisfactory behavior or performances continues. Unsatisfactory performances and acts or patterns of misconduct can result in separation from the Army under AR 635-200. Chapter 13 (Unsatisfactory Performance) is based on the commander's judgment of your performance. Chapter 14 (Misconduct) is misconduct due to minor disciplinary infractions, a pattern of misconduct, commission of a serious offense, conviction by civil authorities, desertion, and absence without leave. Under the provisions of these chapters, discharge from the Army can be characterized as: Chapter 13 Honorable or under honorable conditions as warranted by their military record; Chapter 14: a Discharge under other than honorable conditions is normally appropriate for a soldier under this chapter. However, the separation authority may direct a general discharge if such is merited by the soldiers overall record.

This form will be destroyed upon: reassignment (other than rehabilitative transfers), separation at ETS, or upon retirement. For separation requirements and notification of loss of benefits/consequences see local directives and AR 635-200.

DA FORM 4856-E, JUN 99                         EDITION OF JUN 85 IS OBSOLETE

  Plan of Action:

Continue to work as scheduled. Be on time. Do not leave your post. Do not leave your Soldiers unsupervised. Don't sleep on duty. Don't leave your post before your shift is over. I will be monitoring your performance. On your day off, Wednesday, report to the First Sergeant's office, in uniform, at 0930 for counseling.

Session Closing: (The leader summarizes the key points of the session and checks to ensure the subordinate understands the plan of action. The subordinate agrees/disagrees and provides remarks if appropriate)

I know that you plan on leaving the service when your term of service expires in 6 months but I will not accept your total disregard for safety. I will not risk the safety of our people or equipment by allowing you to continue to shirk your duties.

We have an appointment with the First Sergeant on Wednesday, 16 May 2011 at 0930 for counseling.

Individual counseled:       I agree / disagree with the information above

Individual counseled remarks:

Signature of Individual Counseled: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Date: _ _ _ _ _

Leader Responsibilities: (Leader's responsibilities in implementing the plan of action)

I will coordinate with the First Sergeant and the Commander to determine the best course of action for a Soldier in this situation. I will monitor behavior and performance. I will be available for counseling at any time.

Signature of Counselor: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Date: _ _ _ _ _


Assessment: (Did the plan of action achieve the desired results? This section is completed by both the leader and the individual counseled and provides useful information for follow-up counseling)

SSG was transferred from our work center to Brigade facility maintenance. Under the supervision of SGT Young, he continues to provide daily support for our unit by keeping the lawns mowed and streets clean of debris. He will remain with facility maintenance until his scheduled DOS in 5 1/2 months.

Counselor: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Individual Counseled: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Date: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Note: Both the counselor and the individual counseled should retain a record of the counseling.

DA FORM 4856-E (Reverse)                    

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