DUI Counseling

PFC XXXXXX, you are being counseled for failing a sobriety test on 1 May 2015 at or around 0300 with a BAC at 0.12 almost twice the legal limit. Driving under the influence is the number one cause of traffic fatalities and is a danger to you, your passengers, and anyone else on the road. You have been briefed countless times from the Battalion Commander, the Company Commander and by your chain of command not to drink and drive. I understand that you did not intend to drive impaired and may not have considered yourself to be impaired but rules must be enforced. Drinking and driving is a serious offense and this type of behavior will not be tolerated. As your supervisor, it is my responsibility to protect Soldiers and correct unacceptable behavior. I am recommending punishment under the UCMJ.

Washington state DUI Laws consist of:

First offense convictions carry mandatory incarceration of one (1) day; two (2) days for offenders with BAC in excess of .15%. Maximum incarceration in either case cannot exceed one (1) year.

State of Washington may employ a form of community control, known as electronic home monitoring, in lieu of mandatory incarceration for a period of fifteen (15) days or thirty (30) days, depending on BAC of driver.

Alcohol assessment or substance abuse treatment is possible, but not required in every case.

Fines of a minimum of $865.50 to a maximum of $5,000 for offenders with BAC below .15%. Offenders with BAC above .15% face fines of at least $1,120.50 but not more than $5,000. Fines do not include costs related to completion of sentence or reinstatement of license.

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