ETS Counseling

Part II

Sustainment Counseling: _9_ Months prior to ETS

Part III

Any unresolved issues and problems that can be addressed must be addressed at this time. The goal is a firm commitment for continued service. Review all options, incentives, and benefits. If needed, refer the soldier to the Battalion Career Counselor for follow-up counseling. If there is uncertainty, review the past counseling and performance reviews, stated goals, and desires and discuss. The objective is to enable the soldier to make an educated decision and provide factual data that will assist in obtaining a decision. Should a firm commitment be obtained, initiate appropriate paperwork and immediately coordinate with the Commander and full time staff for preparation of the required paperwork.

Soldier current ETS Date: ______20140923____

Date soldier is eligible to complete an Extension: ____20140923_______

Soldiers Current MOS: _____12N_______ DMOS: ___12N_______

Is the soldier Flagged ? ______YES______

*Note - Flagged soldiers are ineligible to extend and will ETS unless flag is removed.*

Soldier understands that they may be placed as a "Known Loss" if they remain undecided or express the desire to not extend the current contract. This allows the unit to begin the replacement process through Promotion or Recruiting & Retention Bn. _________ (Initial)

Current Incentives :

3 Year Extension Bonus $5000 ( E1-E7 with less than 13 Yrs) - Lump Sum Payment

6 Year Extension Bonus $10000 ( E1-E7 with less than 13 Yrs) - 2 Payment Schedule

__ Student Loan Repayment Program (SLRP) up to $50,000

__ GI Bill

__ NC Tuition Assistance

__ Federal Tuition Assistance

__ Retirement

__ Tricare Select Reserve Health Insurance

__ SGLI Life Insurance

Plan of Action:

___ Soldier has recieved and reviewed retention benefit information.

___ Soldier will EXTEND current enlistment for ____ years for the following benefits:




************************* OR **************************

___ Soldier will ETS for the following reasons:




Commander, 1SG, or FLL Signature _______________________________________

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