Failure to Follow Instructions


To document SGT _________'s failure to follow instructions.


On Monday, 24 Sep 2012, as a result of our weekly section meeting, you were given a task to complete. Every member of our team was given a task and yours was to reinforce the book shelves or research an alternative method of storing our TMs.

As of today, 2 Oct 2012, you have failed to take any action toward this requirement and don't have a valid reason for your inaction.

Failing to follow instructions, no matter who delivers them or how trival you may consider them to be, is a serious offense and will not be tolerated. Your actions and example have a negative effect on unit morale and discipline and threaten our team's cohesiveness and strength.

Failing to follow instructions is the same as disobeying a lawful order. Failure to follow orders is a Violation of Article 92 (failure to obey order or regulation) of the UCMJ.

This documentation will serve as evidence of your failure to follow directions. If there is another instance of this behavior, I will recommend you for Article 15 action.


To help you understand the importance of following instructions, I want you to write an original 500 word essay on the importance of following orders, with emphasis on how it applies to our unit and our speciality. It is due by 1700 on Saturday, 6 Oct 2012, and must be delivered in hard copy by you to my desk.

Develop a plan with alternatives for expanding our TM storage and present it at our next section meeting.


I will monitor the progression of all tasks assigned to our team and ensure they are either completed or actively engaged.


I followed up as promised and found that there has been little progress in SGT _______'s detail as of today due to parts on order. I will follow up when parts arrive.

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