Failure to Report for PT


Address Failure to Report for PT


SPC Joe, on 20 July 2021, you failed to report to first formation for 0630 PRT at Delta Battery COF. The reason for your failure to report must be determined to prevent additional FTRs in the future.

I attempted to call you five times from 0623 to 0627 and your number either went to voicemail or rang through with no answer. After formation was held, I attempted to call you four more times from 0631 to 0639 but you still didn't answer.

Since you did not asnwer, I left PT to figure out what room you live in. I looked through the orderly room for your personal data but couldn't find it. I called the CQ to look up your name, but we couldn't find it. The 1SG came to the orderly room to ask what I was doing and I explained. He was able to find your room number through your previous unit.

The 1SG and I then drove to the barracks to knock on your door. After knocking on your door, you answered in your sleeping attire with the appearance of having just woken up. I asked why you weren't at formation and you said your sleeping pills made you sleep through the clock alarm and phone calls. The 1SG said a few words to you and I told you I'd talk to you later and to meet with the 1SG at 0900.


When meeting with the 1SG, you stated that you took your sleeping pills at 2300, a later time than what was directed. As a plan of action, you must take your sleeping pills earlier in the night, as was directed by your PA. You will also call me at 0550 in the morning for the rest of this duty week to ensure that you are awake and attending PT on time. If this problem continues, you will be given a specific schedule of when to report to me, at multiple times of the day. This will ensure that you understand how to report on time.

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