★ Flag Removal Counseling ★

Purpose of Counseling

Event-oriented: Inform SSG H that the flag has been removed

Key Points of Discussion

On ________ you were flagged by the commander for financial problems. This was due to you reporting your recent inability to pay two mortages due to your divorce and the resulting bankruptcy. Depending on the type of flag, flags remain in effect until the issue has been resolved or adverse action completed.

On ________ CPT Gia informed me that the investigators have completed their review and determined that no action is necessary and have authorized reinstatement of your security clearance.

In accordance with AR 600-8-2, para 2-6, the purpose of this counseling is to inform you that a DA Form 268 (attached) action to remove the flag was submitted and processed and the flag has been lifted. This means that your clearance is restored and you can resume your normal duties and are eligible for all favorable personnel actions applicable to you.

The original DA Form 268 and supporting documentation will be maintained for 1 year by the orderly room. Only those with a "need to know" of this Flag will be informed of its existence. A person has a "need to know" only if he or she must have access to knowledge, or possession of the Flag, in order to perform official duties. Flag information will support the Health Promotion, Risk Reduction, and Suicide Prevention policy for information sharing described in AR 600-63 and DA Pam 600-24.

Plan of Action

No further action is required.

Session Closing

Your flag has been lifted effective _______.

Leader Responsibilities

I will respect the private nature of this action and only discuss it with someone with a "need to know". At this time, I don't foresee anyone in this office having a need to know or anyone at HQ beyond who has already handled it.

I will notify the subject in a timely manner if there are any changes to this administrative action.


No future assessment is necessary. Soldier did the right thing and set the example by coming forward and reporting his situation before it got worse. SSG H understands his financial situation and has developed a plan to meet his obligations.

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