Leave and Pass Counseling


Event Oriented: Weekend Safety Briefing
1. Encourage safety awareness
2. Establish procedures for notifying the chain of command in the event of an accident
3. Ensure proper planning of travel time
4. Encourage Stewardship of the Army Profession
5. Encourage Ethical Leadership (Steward and Servant) and the decision making process

Key Points:

Every Soldier has a responsibility to Steward the Army's profession. As a fundamental of leadership, this may require some form of servant leadership, meaning your actions should be taken for the "good of the group". Insubordination, unruly behavior, and lack of concern for safety and the law are indications of poor stewardship and an absence of leadership that can diminish the U.S. Army's reputation. Thus, your actions, whether on- or off-duty can affect the entire organization in either positive or negative ways. Utilize an ethical approach to decision making, while remaining true to yourself and your organization.

Initial each to indicate your understanding:

_____ SHARP - If you need help, say something. If you witness something inappropriate, intervene. If you wish to report an incident of sexual assault, please contact the Military Police. As always, you can report incidents to you Chain of Command or file a restricted report with the Unit SARC.

_____ Suicide Awareness/Help - Seeking help is a sign of strength, not weakness. If you observe a suicidal ideation, utilize the "Ask, Care, Escort" technique to ensure the individual is safe. DO NOT Leave him or her unattended until professional help has been attained.

_____ Domestic Violence will not be tolerated. Family advocacy, the Chaplin, and your chain of command are all at your disposal for help and advise.

_____ Illegal substances - The Army has zero tolerance for the use, possession, or sale of illegal substances or abuse of prescription drugs.

_____ Maximize the use of the buddy system and take the time to understand the current threat conditions and current illegal trends in the area. Avoid spontaneous group gatherings or demonstrations.

_____ If you consume alcohol, do so in moderation.

_____ Only swim in approved areas with a lifeguard present.

_____ Do not patronize off-limits establishments or any establishment that promotes, supports, or facilitates human trafficking, violence, or illegal substances.

_____ Do not attempt to participate in activities that are clearly outside of your physical/mental capabilities or state of mind if affected by alcohol or medication. Use caution if you are going to mix alcohol and sporting events as the risk of injury is increased.

_____ Practice safe sex.

_____ Fire Safety - Check your smoke detectors in your home. When grilling or barbecuing, practice safe techniques to avoid burns to yourself, children or property.

Are you planning extended travel outside Germany or more than a 250 mile radius from the local area? YES   NO

If so, do you have an extended travel pass? N/A YES NO

If leaving the country, do you have a country clearance from G2? YES NO

Note: you are not authorized to leave the country or travel further than 250 miles until a DA Form 31 is processed.

_____ When traveling, be sure to afford yourself adequate time for rest stops. Adjust your speed to the posted speed limit and weather conditions.

_____ Check with you banking institution to ensure your debit/credit cards will work once you reach your destination to avoid delays in your return.

_____ Do not drive after you have consumed alcoholic or mood altering medication. Do not ride in a vehicle if the operator is impaired in any way.

_____ Do not allow other Soldiers to operate vehicles or endanger themselves if you believe them to be impaired. If you are unable to resolve this situation yourself, inform the MPs and your chain of command immediately.

_____ Ensure your vehicle has been inspected and is in safe running condition. This includes ensuring you comply with Host Nation Laws regarding seasonal tires.

_____ Do not wear your military uniform off base, except when traveling to and from your residence, unless there is an emergency.

_____ If you find yourself in a situation and need help, contact me as soon as it is safe to do so. My numbers is (phone # of 1st line leader). If I am not available, utilize your alert roster, which will provide you any number for your Chain of Command, CQ, Staff Duty, etc.

Plan of Action:

1. Soldier will comply with the contents of this counseling and all verbal elements of the safety briefing.

2. Soldier will ensure they have their leader contact card and my phone number on their person at all times during the pass period.

3. Soldier agrees to implement the following actions:

o If he or she encounter any problems they are to contact me immediately.

o If I am unavailable they are to contact (phone # of next higher Soldier in NCO Support Channel or Chain of Command).

o If the secondary POC is not available, the Soldiers will utilize the Alert roster to contact the Chain of Command. If no response from the chain of command, he or she will immediately contact the unit staff duty office (CQ or Staff Duty phone #).

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