Regular Leave Counseling

Purpose of Counseling


Key Points of Discussion

This counseling is to discuss the procedures, duties and responsibilities regarding leave.

1. AUTHORITY FOR LEAVE: You must carry your leave form (DA Form 31) and this counseling statement with you at all times while you are on leave. This is your authorization/approval by the unit commander to take leave. You must also provide a copy of your itinerary before you leave for the unit's records.

2. CHANGES: If there is a change to your authorized leave or you do not begin leave as scheduled, you must notify the chain-of-command immediately.

3. DEPARTURE/RETURN: You will begin and end leave on post, at the duty station, or from the place you regularly commute to work. When reporting back in off of leave, you must be signed in to the unit no later than 2400 on the last day of leave (Block 10b). It is your responsibility to ensure that you are at your place of departure at the appointed time. Failure to do so may result in punitive or administrative action.

4. TRAVEL EXPENSES: You are responsible for managing your travel expenses. You must ensure you have adequate funds to cover any additional expenses you may incur in the event your scheduled return is delayed or cancelled. This is necessary in the event you have to schedule an alternate mode of transportation in order to return to your duty station. In the event you do not have adequate funds for alternate travel, contact the Army Personnel Assistance Point at 800-582-5552.

5. LEAVE EXTENSIONS: Extensions in excess of 7 days must be approved by the Battalion Commander.

6. LOST OR DESTROYED LEAVE FORM: If your leave form is lost or destroyed, a copy can be obtained from the unit. Your contact numbers are listed here and in block 17 of the DA Form 31: Civ 123-456-0149 (CQ); 123-456-3339 (PLT SGT)


a. If you require medical treatment while on leave, report to the nearest military medical facility. In the absence of such a facility, report to a uniformed services treatment facility or Veteran's Administration Facility if possible.

b. Medical treatment at Government expense is authorized only for emergencies when treatment cannot be obtained from Government facilities or when prior approval is obtained. You can obtain local area listings of the TRICARE Health Providers nearest your leave location by contacting the TRICARE office.

c. If you are hospitalized by a civilian physician, it is important for you or someone acting on your behalf, to contact the Patient Administration Office of the nearest military medical facility as soon as possible. You can request alternate means of assistance through the American Red Cross or the nearest Army Recruiting Station.

8. ADVANCE LEAVE: Advance leave, not to exceed 14 working days, may be approved by the company commander. Requesting advance leave is discouraged because, in the event of a future emergency, subsequent requests for leave will not be accepted until you have a positive leave balance.

Plan of Action

Ensure SM has read and understood unit leave policies and his responsibilities while on leave.

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