Letter of Reprimand, Fraternization


MEMORANDUM FOR Command Sergeant Major John N. Doe, 123d Military Police
Brigade, Camp Arifjon, Kuwait, APO AE 09304

SUBJECT: Memorandum of Reprimand

l. You are hereby reprimanded. It has been reported to me that despite several verbal and written counselings warning you of your perceived misconduct, you continued to ignore and violate the Army's fraternization policy by having inappropriate relationships with at least two junior enlisted female soldiers within your unit.

2. Between January and June 2005, while deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, you were seen hugging, massaging, kissing, touching, and socializing with junior enlisted female soldiers. Although you were warned that your actions were unacceptable, you continued this behavior by giving preferential housing assignments, having female soldiers in your room late at night, and escorting female soldiers to and from their living quarters on a regular basis. When questioned about your conduct, you provided a sworn statement that you knew to be false. Your behavior constitutes a violation of Article 134 for Fraternization and False Swearing.

3. Your conduct is reprehensible. As a Command Sergeant Major, you have set an extremely poor example for your peers and subordinates and have violated the trust of your superiors. Your misconduct is especially disturbing in view of the rank of the soldiers affected and our current wartime environment. Your actions cause me to question your integrity, judgment, professionalism, and potential for future military service.

4. This reprimand is imposed as an administrative measure IAW AR 600-37, and not as punishment under the Uniform Code of Military Justice. lt is, however, intended to promptly and directly signal my disapproval of your conduct. I have not determined whether I will direct the filing of this reprimand, but you must be aware that my disposition options include a decision not to file the reprimand, local filing, as well as filing in the Performance Fiche of your Official Military Personnel File. I will not make a final determination, however, until I receive and consider any response you may submit. Within ten days of your receipt of this memorandum, you may provide to me, in writing, any information in rebuttal that you wish me to consider. You will acknowledge receipt of this memorandum, by signing and dating the attached memorandum. Submit the acknowledgement and any rebuttal or extenuating and mitigating circumstances through LTC Smith,Deputy Staff Judge Advocate, CFLCC.

Major General, USA

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