Failure to Enforce Standards


SUBJECT: Memorandum of Reprimand

1. You are hereby reprimanded. It was reported to me that on 15 April 2004, you observed Major Black and MSG White, both of the 800th MP Brigade, consume alcoholic beverages at Camp Bucca, Iraq, the theater internment facility for enemy prisoners of war (EPW), and took no action to stop their consumption of alcohol. In addition, the consumption of alcohol that you witnessed and failed to stop occurred in the presense of junior enlisted soldiers. Your actions constitute fraternization.

2. Your failure to stop these soldiers' consumption of alcohol indicates a failure to internalize the high standards expected of a U.S. Army officer. Your duty was clear: you should have ordered Major Black and MSG White to not consume alcoholic beverages. As a leader, you should have realized that their consumption of alcohol in the extremely volatile operating environment of Camp Bucca had the potential to diminish these senior soldiers' ability to effectively lead soldiers in the event of a crises requiring immediate response. Your mandate is to not only obey established orders and regulations but to ensure other soldiers follow established standards and enforce those rules.

3. As an officer with extensive operational experience and a clear understanding of the challenges involved with EPW operations, you should have enforced standards. Instead, you ignored a significant act of misconduct that had the potential to erode unit standards and jeopardize the mission. Your actions and lack of leadership cause me to question your judgement, professionalism, and ability to lead this unit.

4. This reprimand is imposed as an administrative measure IAW AR 600-37 and not as punishment under the Uniform Code of Military Justice. It is, however, intended to promptly and directly signal my disapproval of your conduct. I have not decided whether this reprimand will be filed in your official records. My disposition options include a decision not to file the reprimand, local filing, as well as filing in the Performance section of your Official Military Personnel File. I will not make a final decision until I receive and consider any timely response you may submit. Within 10 days of your receipt of this memorandum, you may provide to me, in writing, any information that may mitigate your actions. You will acknowledge receipt of this memorandum by signing and dating the attached memorandum. Submit the acknowledgement and any rebuttal to COL Grey.


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