Lost ID Card Counseling


  Purpose of Counseling

The purpose of this counseling is to document the fact that you lost your military ID, did not report the loss for several days, and was not aware of the required actions to take when an ID card is lost.

Complete this section during or immediately subsequent to counseling.

  Key Points of Discussion:

On 11 Dec 2010, when you reported for duty, you realized that you had lost your military identification card. Searching the barracks and your car did not produce it. The last time you can positively state its whereabouts is last Friday afternoon.

Your military ID card is military property and belongs to the government. It is your responsibility to safegard it and report its loss immediately to your supervisor or reporting official. The loss of a military identification card is a serious event which could have far reaching effects and possibly even jeopardize the security of American military installations worldwide.

I know you have already replaced your ID card but, in the future, maintain daily control of your ID card so that you can be aware it's missing sooner and report the loss of your identification card immediately and begin action to replace it and prevent unauthorized use. The agency to contact, after informing your supervisor, is the ID office in Building 750, Soldiers Support Center. Note that you must report your ID card missing to the MP station before the ID card/DEERS section will initiate action to replace it.

AUTHORITY: 10 U.S.C. 8013. PURPOSE: To obtain any comments you desire to submit (on a voluntary basis) for consideration concerning this action. ROUTINE USES: Provides you an opportunity to submit comments or documents for consideration. If provided, the comments and documents you submit become a part of the action. DISCLOSURE: Your written acknowledgment of receipt and signature are mandatory. Any other comment or document you provide is voluntary.

This form will be destroyed upon: reassignment (other than rehabilitative transfers), separation at ETS, or upon retirement. For separation requirements and notification of loss of benefits/consequences see local directives and AR 635-200.

  DA FORM 4856-E, AUG 10                         EDITION OF OCT 06 IS OBSOLETE

 Plan of Action:

Increase efforts to maintain control of your personal effects. Keep your ID card in your wallet and check it daily to make sure you still have it.

  Session Closing: (The leader summarizes the key points of the session and checks to ensure the subordinate understands the plan of action. The subordinate agrees/disagrees and provides remarks if appropriate)

  Make sure you have read, understand, and follow the guidelines the Soldier Support Center provided.

Individual counseled:       I agree / disagree with the information above

Individual counseled remarks:

Signature of Individual Counseled: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Date: _ _ _ _ _ _

Leader Responsibilities: : (Leader's responsibilities in implementing the plan of action)

SPC Smith's performance will be closely observed and I will verbally counsel the other Soldiers in our section to prevent similar problems.


Signature of Counselor: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Date: _ _ _ _ _ _

Assessment: (Did the plan of action achieve the desired results? This section is completed by both the leader and the individual counseled and provides useful information for follow-up counseling)

SPC Smith has not lost his ID card or any other personal items.

Counselor: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Individual Counseled: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Date:_ _ _ _ _ _

Note: Both the counselor and the individual counseled should retain a record of the counseling.

  DA FORM 4856-E (Reverse)                    

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