Marriage Counseling

Congratulations on your upcoming marriage. You should be aware that the Chapel and the Family Readiness Group provides marriage counseling, before and after marriage, but it is not mandatory. If you need marriage counseling prior to your marriage, make an appointment with the chaplain.

As a military member you should ensure your spouse is properly prepared for life in the military. Consider completing the following steps to give your marriage the best chance of success.

The first step in having the Army recognize your marriage and extend benefits to your spouse is registering your spouse in DEERS. You will need a copy of your marriage license and your spouse's social security number. Enrollment in DEERS qualifies your spouse for Dental and TRICARE benefits.

After enrolling in DEERS, take your spouse to Pass and Registration and have her ID card issued. This is required in order for her to be recognized as being eligible to receive all other benefits.

You should update your SGLI coverage (if required) and add your spouse as beneficiary. Update your DD Form 93 Emergency Data as well.

Ensure your spouse is aware of traffic and driving rules on base and knows how to make hospital and dental appointments.

Visit the Legal Office to get a power of attorney so that your spouse can take actions on your behalf during your absence.

Ensure your spouse is aware that her conduct, on post and off, reflects on you and can affect your military career.

You should familiarize your spouse with the installation and its key facilities, such as the clinic, commissary, and housing office. Spouses should also be aware of the locations of the Family Readiness Group, Army Emergency Relief (AER), Army Community Services (ACS), and the Red Cross, and the services they provide.

In addition, your spouse should know the name of your unit and how to get in touch with you during an emergency. Spouses should also know how to read an LES and how to use the chain of command properly and responsibly.

NOTE: If marrying another service member consider applying for the military spouse program for assignments.

Let me know if I can be of any assistance in the future and I will do my best to help.

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