Before Marriage Counseling

Purpose of Counseling

Event-Oriented; Marriage and Responsibility

Summary of Counseling

This is an informative counseling concerning the many changes and responsibilities that marriage brings.

1. Marriage affects your assignment options. For military couples, it is difficult to get assigned to the same location. In addition, you are still vulnerable for remote assignments and long deployments.

2. Marriages frequently result in pregnancies and child care responsibilities which will require a Family Care Plan.

3. Marriage affects your pay status and entitlement to benefits such as BAH and BAS and requires increased focus on budgeting and fiscal responsibility.

Plan of Action

Add contact information to Family Readiness Group.

Update Alert/Recall roster, address, and personal information at Orderly Room.

Visit ID Card section to enroll spouse/family in DEERS and receive ID Card(s).

Attend marriage briefing at Legal Office and establish Power of Attorney for spouse.

Attend marriage orientation and financial counseling at Army Community Service (ACS).

Check with the Housing office for eligibility for and availability of housing.

Go to TRICARE office to enroll spouse/family.

Schedule appointment with First Sergeant for Counseling on Family Care Plan.

Update SGLI to include new beneficiaries at Personnel Services Branch (PSB).

Contact the Chapel for availability for wedding.

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