Mask Wearing Policy Counseling

Purpose of Counseling

Event-Oriented; Mask Policy within our Work Area

Summary of Counseling

This is an informative counseling to make you aware of the new mask policy within our shop. You will not step outside our office without a mask worn properly on your face. When a customer walks in, respectfully ask them to put on their mask, if not wearing one. We will no longer provide service to anyone not wearing a mask.

When in the back or sitting at a desk, your mask will remain on or at the low ready and will be worn properly the second you interact with anyone. These rules are being put in place to ensure our safety and help foster a COVID-free work area. If necessary, UCMJ actions can and will be taken against those not adhering to our new policy.

You are responsible for adhering to the new policy as detailed above and for holding your seniors, peers, and subordinates accountable as well.

Plan of Action

You must adhere to the mask policy as explained above. Failure to meet this standard may result in UCMJ actions.

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