How to Say You're Not Getting an Award

Although many Soldiers receive awards when they PCS, not all do. Only those Soldiers who meet or exceed established standards of service are eligible for and receive awards. In this unit, the minimum length of service requirement for an Army Commendation medal for meritorious service is 11 months. Due to your short-notice PCS, you don't meet time-on-station requirements for a Commendation Medal but an Achievement Award may be justified.

As you know, awards are not automatic entitlements awarded at the end of a tour. They must be justified. Because of your actions or lack of action, I was unable to justify an award package.

Because of your documented failure to comply with standards, an ETS award could not be supported.

Although every effort is made to present awards during PCS to keep our Soldiers competitive, we must also preserve the significance of awards by establishing a minimum level of performance. During this reporting period, due to your inability to meet weight standards, you did not meet the Commander's requirements for an award.

Awards: Awards are earned, they are not an entitlement. Certain minimum periods of service and levels of performance must be exceeded before an award is justified. As an NCO, I am responsible for ensuring the integrity of the award system by requiring adherence with established standards. Although I would like to, based on your performance, I am unable to support an awards package before you PCS.

Regulations dictate that personnel flagged for failure to meet standards will be ineligible for promotion and other personnel actions. Because of your documented failure to meet standards, you are not eligible for an award when you ETS.

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