No Contact Order

1. Conditions:

a. From *INSERT DATE*, you are not permitted to initiate any contact or communication with the protected persons listed below. The term communication includes, but is not limited to, communication in person, or through a third party, via face-to-face contact, telephone, or in writing by letter, text, social media or email. If the protected persons initiate any contact with you or your family, you must immediately inform me of circumstances and facts surrounding such contact. These protected persons include:


b. From *INSERT DATE*, you must also remain at least 10 feet from those protected persons listed above. This also includes members of the protected persons family or household including, but not limited to, residences and workplaces.

2. Enforceability:

a. Violation of this order shall constitute a violation of Article 90 of the UCMJ.

3. Impact:

a. This MPO does not represent any impending punitive action against you and DOES NOT INDICATE ANY NEGATIVE BEHAVIOR on your behalf. At this time the only negative effects of this MPO will occur upon your decision to violate this order.

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