Overseas and Foreign Travel Counseling

All personnel who are traveling overseas must receive a foreign travel briefing from the installation security office within 30 days of departing. Travelers going to countries with an elevated risk or threat profile must obtain a tailored country briefing prior to travel. In addition, the following advice should be followed.

o Assume your personal electronic devices (laptops, tablets, smart phones) will be compromised. Ensure no sensitive information is present on these devices, and on your return, conduct a virus check before connecting to your home network.

o Avoid immoral or illegal activity which could lead to blackmail. Avoid any situation which would provide a foreign service with the means to exert coercion or blackmail.

o Beware of overly friendly guides, interpreters, waitresses, hotel clerks, etc., whose intentions may go beyond being friendly.

o Carry only essential items of identification. Do not bring government access badges, building passes, or other official paperwork.

o Do not carry any letters or packages on behalf of any third party.

o Do not discuss official business outside of U.S. government controlled areas.

o If you suspect you are under surveillance while traveling, ignore it. Don't try to evade or lose suspected surveillance agents. Report suspected surveillance to the Embassy or security office.

o Know the rules of the countries through which you are traveling. Pay close attention to duty requirements, currency laws, bans on importation, customs declarations, etc.

o Leave your itinerary with your supervisor so that, if you fail to return, someone is aware of it as soon as possible.

o Never photograph military personnel or installations or other restricted or controlled areas. When in doubt, ask an official.

o The Bureau of Consular Affairs website, https://www.usembassy.gov, lists links to all U.S. Embassies, Consulates and Diplomatic Missions. Print out Embassy emergency contact information prior to your departure in case you can't access it online while traveling.

o Your hotel room may be searched during your stay. Do not leave any official or classified items or papers unattended in your room.

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