Positive Counseling Example

The purpose of this counseling is to recognize your outstanding performance during the month of November with regards to your actions in support of BLANK STX.

XXXXX, during the month before the FTX, you were tasked with the completion of XXX scheduled services which you completed in a timely manner with little to no supervision. You were a key factor in ensuring essential equipment was prepared for the FTX and your efforts were noticed by both me and the Commander. Your actions directly supported the successful launch of operations during the occupation of the assembly area.

During the FTX, you, along with many others, were tasked with many duties with little to no guidance on how to accomplish them. Most, if not all of the Soldiers in our platoon, performed in a professional and exemplary manner. No sensitive items were lost. Injuries and medical complications were held to a minimum. Soldiers communicated consistently with their leadership and followed the guidance given. In my years of service, I've only seen one FTX go better than this one and its success wasn't because of the Soldiers.

You were consistently early, in position, and in uniform every morning for "Stand-to". Your whereabouts and that of your sensitive items were always known. When tasked to perform duties, your attitude was that of a model Soldier. You performed and excelled at the basic tasks of soldiering which included forming a hasty fighting position, building an improved fighting position, utilizing night vision goggles, operating a vehicle during low-light conditions, convoy operations, and ECP operations.

During the FTX, I felt you didn't require supervision and performed well. I believe you possess the potential to accomplish not only the tasks given to you but also those given to that of an NCO. Due to your superior performance in support of the Battalion FTX, I consider you ready for the next level.

Understand that the same high level of competence demonstrated at the FTX will now be continually expected from you. With more experience and time in service, your ability to soldier will improve even more. I look forward to being surprised by even higher levels of achievement in the future.

Please note any actions, tasks, or achievements I may have failed to mention in the Session closing below.


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