Positive Counseling, NCO

I want to thank you for the work you did this cycle, especially your volunteering for the TDY to Germany. It's this kind of teamwork and sacrifice that makes the NCO Corps what it is. In addition, your efforts in fixing our benchstock issues have resolved an issue that has dogged our site since it was set up 7 years ago. For the first time our supply documents match what we actually have on hand and we have gained almost $100,000 in our maintenance account. Good luck in Germany and hurry back. We need you here.

Your performance over the last quarter has been exemplary. Initiative and attention to detail is outstanding. Your reliability in reviewing training and and making sure all shortfalls were acted on and corrected allowed me to focus on other taskings and effectively multiplied our efficiency. Our platoon is now first in training and we are poised to take first in maintenance. Your foresight and subtle yet appropriate level of supervision is directly responsible for our improvement and I look forward to next quarter's counseling.

Your work this month has been outstanding. As a supervisor, I don't have favorites but I have not failed to notice how you come in and get right to work and make sure the job gets done. You have a level of maturity that many of our Soldiers are lacking and it shows. You are the only one I can count on to be here on time and the only one who ever asks if there is anything that needs to be done and I sincerely appreciate it. It makes my job easier and has made our shift more productive. These sterling qualities will carry you a long way toward your goals in the Army. Good job and keep up the good work.

It may sometimes seem as if the actions of other members of our platoon get more attention and credit for our team's success but I appreciate the hard work you have put in to make sure that jobs are taken care of and the log is kept up to date. These actions may seems small or routine but they are the foundation on which our readiness and success are built. Without your dependable behind-the-scenes labors, taskings would fall through the cracks and SSG Johnson and SFC Siler would be making excuses to the Chief of Maintenace rather than receiving praise. I know it was you who identified the RED OCTOBER problems and brought them to B Battery's attention and helped solve our admin support issues. It's actions like these that make a good Soldier and I am proud to say you are on my team.

This counseling recognizes this quarter's significant achievements. As a Logistical Support Specialist attending the 8-104th Quartermaster Battalion's Field Training Exercise, you immediately recognized the logistical and manpower shortages and volunteered to lead a number of high-impact elements which overcame manpower problems and ultimately ensured the overall success of the event. In addition, you constantly sought out opportunities to assist, aid or carry out other Soldiers' work and were recognized for your selfless efforts. Your efforts reflected great pride on our unit and we have become the go-to cell due to your diligence.

2d Quarter: You have quickly integrated into and become a vital member of the G43 Readiness Team. From your first weeks here you made immediate contributions to unit Safety as the lead on coordinating the efforts of TACOM, PM Mortars, and PM Stryker to identify and recall potentially dangerous and defective 120mm mortar tubes. Your relentless focus on this task has probably saved more than a few lives by not only protecting against accidents but also by ensuring serviceable weapons are available to the warfighter.

In addition, the suggestion you made last quarter to use military flight training routes for unmanned aerial vehicles to enhance border security was relayed to the NORTHCOM Commander and recently implemented on a trial basis. This kind of involvement and participation in our long-range goals is rare in my experience and sets you apart from your peers. I have recommended you for an Achievement medal and I am pretty sure it will go through.

I am transferring SGTs Taylor and Welch to you effective 1 Sep. This will be a significant increase in daily responsibilities so if you need help in any other area, just let me know. MSG Gonzalez will be getting with you to initiate the paperwork required. Keep up the good work.

SPC Smith, this counseling is in regards to the promotion board that you will be attending in November. You have attended a Soldier of the Month Board in March 2016 and you will be participating in a second board later this month.

SPC Smith, your participation in the SOM boards, indicate that you have been preparing for the promotion board for some time and I assure you that your hard work will pay off in the end. In life you will prepare for many things, and career progression is definitely one of those major events to plan for. Failure should never be an option and for the short time that I've known you, it is evident that you have success in mind. Your positive attitude and willingness to engage and complete whatever comes your way, is a sign of maturity and understanding of responsibility.

SPC Smith, as a future NCO, you will be responsible for other Soldiers and key equipment. I believe that you are ready for that level of responsibility. As a future leader, preparation does not only encompass the rules and regulations, but also the possession of empathy and basic moral and ethical values. Without realizing it, you have been preparing for the promotion board from the first day of your Army career and it will now all come together.

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