Promotion Counseling (Not Recommended)


To counsel Soldier IAW AR 600-8-19, para 1-28, mandatory counseling requirements for individuals in the primary zone of consideration but not recommended for promotion

a. First-line leaders will formally counsel Soldiers, in writing, who are eligible for promotion to PV2 through SPC without a waiver (fully qualified) but not recommended for promotion. This counseling requirement also applies to all Soldiers who are boarded (fully qualified in the PZ) but not integrated into the promotion recommended list after having appeared before a promotion board. Counseling will take place initially when the Soldier attains eligibility, and at least every 3 months thereafter, and include information as to why the Soldier was not recommended and what the Soldier can do to correct deficiencies or qualities that reflect a lack of promotion potential.

b. There are no requirements to counsel Soldiers who are not selected for promotion to SFC through SGM.

c. CDRs and first-line leaders must comply with all counseling requirements (paras 3-13b and 3-23f) for Soldiers eligible for promotion consideration to SGT and/or SSG.


The purpose of this counseling is to inform you that you were considered but not selected for promotion to Sergeant. This does not mean that you are not qualified or undeserving of promotion, but only an indication of the competitiveness of the selection process. I encourage you to continue to work hard as I am sure you will selected for advancment within the next 6 months.

In order to be considered for promotion in the primary zone, a Soldier must have 36 months Time in Service and 8 months Time in Grade. You currently have ____ months Time in Service and ____ months Time in Grade. In Month, Year, you became eligible for promotion in the primary zone of consideration.

I will recommend you for promotion to Sergeant when your performance and my assessment of your potential improves. To reach this milestone in your career, you should focus on the following areas:

RESPONSIBILITY. You were counseled last month for failing to complete a series of PMCS that you signed off on as completed. This is not only a threat to our readiness but a serious breach of trust. You must aggressively work to reverse the reputation of being undependable if you want to be considered for promotion.

MILITARY BEARING. You cannot speak to and treat those senior in rank to you with disrespect (even if you don't mean it to be disrespectful). Your relationship with the rest of the section, particularly the senior NCOs, is a factor that is considered when evaluationg your readiness for promotion.

PROGRESSION. You are current in your qualification and meet the training requirements for advancement to Sergeant. Keep up the good work.

LEADERSHIP. When made responsible for ensuring all section members completed SARC training, you did not follow up and ensure that all members received and documented their training. In addition, the training reference was incomplete. Attention to detail and reliability are important traits of a Sergeant.

MINIMUM PROMOTION POINTS. To be recommended for promotion, a Soldier must have at least ____ points to be placed on the recommended list. At this time, even if you obtained a maximum score at the promotion board, you still would not have enough points to be placed on the recommended list. Your estimated promotion points this month are: ____. I recommend the following actions to improve your promotion point standing:

APFT. Maintain an APFT score of at least 270.

EDUCATION. Enroll in military or civilian courses. Take full advantage of CLEP, DANTES, and On-line courses.

WEAPONS QUALIFICATION. Attend the next range to raise your qualification to Expert.

The majority of board points will be awarded for appearance, military bearing, and verbal responses. I will assist you in these areas to help you obtain the best possible score. Start studying for the promotion board now to make sure you'll be ready. I also suggest that you attend a Soldier of the Quarter board. That experience will prepare you for the promotion board and, if you win, will earn additional points for your promotion to Sergeant.


- Take immediate action to improve the performance identified in this counseling.

- Start studying now for the Soldier of the Quarter board.

- Begin an aggressive physical fitness plan no later than 4 weeks before the APFT. Be prepared to take a record APFT test on Day/Month/Year.

- Make an appointment at the Education Center to evaluate your current credits. Take all proof of completion of college courses and military schools and courses. Enroll in an education plan to earn points toward promotion. Use caution and don't sign up for more than you can reasonably expect to finish.

- Review basic marksmanship procedures and be prepared to attend a qualification range on Day/Month/Year.

- Review the promotion board LOI and the Soldier of the Quarter Board LOI. Use these LOIs to prepare for the board.

I believe that you can and will improve your performance and that with consistent effort will be able to earn recommendation for promotion. But it will require a strong desire and agressive action on your part.


- Provide LOIs to Soldier

- Provide regular, scheduled and unscheduled, and constructive feedback

- Provide assistance to Soldier on any topic requested

- When Soldier's performance merits it, schedule mock boards with senior NCO participation

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