Promotion Counseling Not Recommended

PFC Anybody, as of xx October 2015 you will be eligible for promotion to Specialist (SPC) in the United States Army based on AR 600-8-19, which authorizes commanders to promote Soldiers to the ranks of SPC and below. However, you have not demonstrated the potential to advance to the next grade and/or position. Therefore, you will not be recommended for promotion. Thus far, you have shown that you have the capacity to do the work that is necessary but lack the administrative privileges required to successfully fulfill the mission within your section. I will note that you were provided ample time, class room instructions, and supplemental training to obtain your Security + certification, which is a requirement for your position in the the DSSD. You failed the certification test on two separate occasions. You are also not in compliance with the standards outlined in Department of Defense Directive 8570.01.

Soldiers will be considered for promotion to the next higher rank when they achieve competency in their current rank and exhibit the potential to serve successfully at the next higher rank. You must display a progression of competencies and attributes in the following general learning outcomes:

(1) The Army profession
(2) Professional competence
(3) Team building
(4) Adaptability
(5) Lifelong learning
(6) Comprehensive fitness (within the limits of your profile)

Soldiers (SPC through Master Sergeant (MSG)) are non-promotable to a higher rank when one of the following conditions exists:

(1) Within 12 months following a court-martial conviction.

(2) A Soldier is ineligible to reenlist for the following reasons:

(a) Absent without leave (AWOL)

(b) Pending or has an approved administrative separation

(c) Pending security clearance eligibility determination when it is required for the Soldier's primary military occupational specialty (PMOS). Soldiers will regain promotable status the day they receive the appropriate level of security clearance eligibility approved by the DOD Consolidated Adjudication Facility (CAF). Soldiers who lose their required security clearance eligibility as a result of a denial or revocation determination made by the DOD CAF.

The Army's Enlisted Promotions System provides for career progression and rank that are in line with potential and for recognition of the best qualified Soldier which will attract and retain the highest caliber Soldier for a career in the Army. Additionally, the system precludes promoting a Soldier who is not productive or not the best qualified, thus providing an equitable system for all Soldiers. Army leaders across all formations will apply a select-train-promote methodology in support of this system.

Although you meet the requirement for time in grade (6 months) and time in service (24 months as of 28 October 2015) for automatic promotion to SPC, the company commander can select to promote/not promote based on the criteria outlined above. Promotions are not automatic or given, they are earned. Don't take this as a negative, use this as an opportunity to grow as a Soldier.

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