Promotion Counseling (Recommended)


To counsel Soldier IAW AR 600-8-19, para 1-26, mandatory counseling requirements for individuals


The purpose of this counseling is to inform you that you meet or exceed all requirements for promotion to Staff Sergeant.

In order to be considered for promotion to SSG in the primary zone, a Soldier must have 72 months TAFMS and 10 months Time in Grade. You currently have ___ months Time in Service and ____ months Time in Grade. In Month, Year, you became eligible for promotion in the primary zone of consideration.

The minimum promotion point score for attaining recommended list status for promotion to Staff Sergeant is 450. At this time, you have ___ points.

I recommend your promotion to Staff Sergeant based on your exemplary conduct, obvious qualification, and sterling example.

Promotion to Staff Sergeant requires 12 months retainability, so take the necessary action.

The majority of board points will be awarded for appearance, military bearing, and verbal responses. I will assist you in these areas to help you obtain the best possible score. Start studying for the promotion board now to make sure you'll be ready. I also suggest that you attend a Soldier of the Quarter board. That experience will prepare you for the promotion board and, if you win, will earn additional points for your promotion to Sergeant.


I believe that you can and will improve your performance and that with consistent effort will be able to earn recommendation for promotion. But it will require a strong desire and agressive action on your part.


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