Promotion Counseling Not Recommended


Promotion/developmental Counseling:

o Review PVT Taylor's performance Jan - Mar 16

o Review PVT Taylor's promotion recommendation status for this month


Soldiers must meet standards commensurate with their rank in order to be considered for promotion.

As I have pointed out several times over the last few months, there are two categories of performance in which you are not meeting standards:

Timeliness. You are late to formations or work at least twice a week.

Uniform. Your uniform often looks like you slept in it and does not present a neat appearance.

Due to the failure to meet standards described above, you do not meet the requirements for promotion to the next rank and you will not be recommended for promotion.

A new evaluation will be conducted in 90 days. If you can improve in these two areas, there is a good chance you will be recommended for promotion then.

IAW the Privacy Act of 1974, the contents of this document contain privileged or other confidential information. Unauthorized disclosure may result in civil and criminal sanctions. If you are not the intended recipient, or believe you have received this communication in error, do not reproduce, retransmit, disseminate, or otherwise use this information.


o PV2 Taylor will continue to contribute to our mission and will focus on timeliness and uniform standards.

o SGT Michaels will coach PV2 Taylor on uniform and appearance.

o PV2 Taylor will not be recommended for promotion to the next grade until he meets standards.


o I will ensure PV2 Taylor understands the standards that must be met.

o We will review AR 670-1 and laundry/dry cleaning options available on post.

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