Risk Assessment Counseling


Purpose of Counseling:

To discuss those issues that appear to be a concern based on your responses to the U.S. Army Soldier and Leader Risk Reduction Tool (USA SLRRT). The goal is to ensure that our Soldiers are healthy, in mind, body, and spirit.


Key Points of Discussion:

The U.S. Army Soldier and Leader Risk Reduction Tool (USA SLRRT) is a tool used during developmental counseling to develop a comprehensive picture of the health and welfare of our Soliders and to manage and mitigate risk factors. It is a broad method of identifying problems or issues that may be negatively affecting a Soldier's life but its findings are not considered to be an authoritative record of a Soldier's character. It is merely a guide to aid in identifying problems or concerns.

The USA SLRRT will not be kept or maintained. The topics of concern identified with the assistance of the Risk Reduction Tool will be recorded in this counseling form which will be stored and maintained in accordance with the Privacy Act.

1. Physical. Your performance over the last year and your answers indicate that you have no issues affecting your physical condition.

2. Emotional/Behavioral. Based on your answers, I consider your risk level to be low. However, if you do ever do feel ostracized by anyone in our shop, I encourage you to talk to me about it. On the other hand, don't be too sensitive to the remarks of some of these guys. Most of them don't mean anything by it and all of us consider you to be an integral member of our section. And again, if anyone is giving you a hard time, please let me know.

3. Occupational. No areas were identified as significant. Your progress is above average.

4. Social/Interpersonal. Although you appear to be a level-headed guy who has his priorities straight, I know you have some issues going on with getting your girlfriend's VISA. And those kinds of things can wear anyone down. I just want you to know that these kinds of problems are common and many of us in the unit have gone through the same thing. If you ever want to talk about it, my door is always open. SFC Kennedy can also give you some advice. It took him over two years to get his wife's paperwork done.

5. Financial. Congratulations on being one of the few members of our unit who has avoided any issues with bad checks, government credit card use, or payday loans. You should counsel some of your buddies. I know you are scheduled for ALC and caution you to ensure you prepare financially. There's nothing worse than going hungry while you're TDY.

6. Legal/Disciplinary. No issues noted.

Plan of Action:

I suggest contacting the Equal Opportunity office and participating in their weekly events. I used to go and I can show you where to sign up.

I recommend talking to SFC Kennedy about expediting your fiance's paperwork and the Family Advocacy Center as a possible resource.

I will find out what the arrangements at Fort Lee will be and what your expenses will be and forward the information to you.

Session Closing:

Based on our session, I consider your risk level to be low. However, as you know, I am not always right and unfortunately am often unaware of circumstances that are obvious to other people. The important thing to remember is that I care about your welfare and hope that you will make me aware of any problems that might crop up.

Individual counseled remarks:

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Leader Responsibilities:

Make an effort to increase awareness of section morale and ensure a healthy and productive work environment.

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