Counseling Session Closing Statements

In the Session Closing block, the supervisor summarizes the counseling session:


You were late at on 2 and 5 June 15. Further incidents of being late will be met with more severe consequences. We will take the actions described in the Plan of Action block.

Make sure you have read, understand, and follow the guidelines the Soldier Support Center provided.

Based on our session, I consider your risk level to be low. However, I may not be aware of circumstances that affect you even if other people know about them. The important thing to remember is that I care about your welfare and hope that you will make me aware of any problems that might crop up in the future.

Ultimately you are responsible for your gear and will be held financially responsible for any items missing, lost, or damaged.

The Soldier then signs indicating agreement or disagreement and is permitted to make comments if desired. Counselee comments are not required.

If the form is being routed electronically, date the form before signing because after signing the date field is not writeable.

If the Soldier refuses to acknowledge receipt of the counseling by signing the counseling form, then the person who presented the counseling should write, "Soldier refused to sign" in this block and then sign and date it. To formally document this refusal, while the Soldier waits, get a witness to join you in the room. The person who presented the counseling should then explain to the witness that the Soldier refused to sign and you need their signature below yours indicating they witnessed it. The Soldier is given another opportunity to sign, in the presence of the witness, so that the witness can verify that he or she refused to sign. If the Soldier again refuses to sign, the witness must then sign next to the "Soldier refused to sign" statement. Professionalism dictates that neither the presenter or the witness discuss what occurred during the counseling session.

Normally counseling sessions go smoothly and having a witness is not necessary. Although this is a summary of the counseling session and properly called the session closing, there is one more step in the counseling process: Leader Responsibilities.

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