Counseling for Straggling

Purpose of Counseling

Event-oriented: Article 134, Straggling

To record the fact that SPC Trimarchi, at FT Stewart, GA, on 5 August 2014, while accompanying his Company on a company run, did wrongfully straggle.

(1) That the accused, while accompanying the accused's organization on a march, maneuvers, or similar exercise, straggled;
(2) That the straggling was wrongful;
(3) That, under the circumstances, the conduct of the accused was to the prejudice of good order and discipline in the armed forces or was of a nature to bring discredit upon the armed forces.

Explanation. "Straggle" means to wander away, to stray, to become separated from, or to lag or linger behind.

Maximum punishment. Confinement for 3 months and forfeiture of two-thirds pay per month for 3 months.

Key Points of Discussion

You are being counseled for violating Article 134, Straggling. On 5 August 2014 you were on a Company run with your company when you continuously fell behind and forced your squad to slow down many times in attempts to keep you in the formation. As Soldiers and veterans of years of physical training, we all know that our performance is better on some days than others. However, in this case, the pace of the Company was so slow that anyone should have been able to keep up with even the most minimal amount of effort.

As Soldiers, we should always give 100% effort to every task assigned. If you can't manage even the minimal effort required to keep up with the Company, running at the slowest possible pace, I question if you have the will or interest to perform your normal duties.

The actions of all soldiers contribute to the morale and discipline of a unit. Your conduct undermines the good order and discipline that your fellow Soldiers worked so hard to build. By not making a reasonable effort, you have demonstrated a lack of loyalty to your unit and your fellow Soldiers and set an insubordinate example.

Straggling is a violation of Article 134 as stated above. It is apparent that you are not taking your duties seriously and that you don't understand that you are a professional Soldier. This behavior will not be tolerated.

Plan of Action

By 30 September 2014 you must be able to complete all unit runs. PT is the responsibility of the individual, however your NCOs are willing to work with you every afternoon at 1600.

If you fail to meet this standard by the above date I will recommend that you be flagged and receive a bar to reenlistment. This will prevent you from further service in the Army and limit some of your entitlements and benefits while serving.

Session Closing

Individual counseled:                   I agree / disagree with the information above.

Individual counseled remarks:

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Leader Responsibilities

I will inform SPC Trimarchi's supervisor and chain of command of this action and convey the importance of meeting standards and the consequences if standards are not met.

I will meet with the First Sergeant, explain the circumstances, and provide a copy of this counseling for use in future administrative actions.

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