Tongue Piercing Counseling


Event-Oriented: AR 670-1 Chapter 3 Violation (Tongue Piercing)
Disobeying an order from a Noncommissioned Officer
Disrespecting a Noncommissioned Officer


SPC D******, on XX XXX 2017 at XXXX I was making my checks of the gates to check on the soldiers and guards due to the weather. When I walked up to the gate you were in, you were seated, in the shack, on your phone with your tongue sticking out with a tongue ring in it. I was going to ask to see your wet weather gear but I stopped and asked what was in your tongue. You continued to sit and stare at me until you admitted that you had a tongue ring in. When I asked what you were thinking, you told me that you only had it in for about 5 minutes and that you would take it out. I told you that whether it was 5 minutes or 5 hours it doesn't matter because you were violating Army Regulation 670-1 which states:

"c. Attaching, affixing or displaying objects, articles, jewelry, or ornamentation to, through, or under their skin, tongue, or any other body part is prohibited (this includes earrings for male Soldiers). This applies to all Soldiers on or off duty. The only exception is for female Soldiers, who may wear earrings consistent with paragraph 3 4d. (The term skin is not confined to external skin but includes the tongue, lips, inside the mouth, and other surfaces of the body not readily visible.)"

I then instructed you to take out the tongue ring and reiterated that you are not authorized to wear it regardless of the circumstances.

SPC D*****, you have been instructed numerous times not to wear piercings. I also know that you have been formally counseled on this issue before. Failing to follow instructions, no matter who delivers them or how trivial you may consider them to be, is a serious offense and will not be tolerated.

SPC D****, my last concern is that the whole time I was talking to you, you sat in the chair with your phone still in your hands. You did not get up and stand at the position of parade rest when you were addressing me. This is disrespectful and shows your lack of military bearing. As an Enlisted Soldier, you are trained, during the fundamentals of basic training, that you will assume the position of parade rest when addressing all Noncommissioned Officers.

Your actions and example have a negative effect on unit morale and discipline and threaten our team's cohesiveness and strength. I am recommending to the Chain of Command that you receive an Article 15.

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