Unattended Weapon Counseling


Dereliction of Duty: This counseling addresses the fact that you left your assigned weapon unattended.


Today, 17 February 2023, during monthly weapons cleaning, you failed to maintain accountability of your weapon. Your weapon was found unattended and unsecured. Around noon, Sergeant Young discovered an unattended M-16 in one of the bathroom stalls. After reporting it to the NCOIC, the armorer verified that the serial number on the weapon was listed as being issued to you.

This incident demonstrates a failure in training on proper weapons handling procedures by me and a lack of emphasis by you in observing established safety procedures to reduce the risk of loss or accidental injury or death. It is your responsibility to ensure strict and unfailing adherence to safety measures and standard operating procedures.

Handling weapons is one of the most dangerous activities we undertake. When handling weapons or ammunition, you must be aware of the risks involved at all times and follow established procedures. If your weapon had fallen into the wrong hands, your neglect could have resulted in the permanent loss of the weapon or worse.

This blatant disregard for safety will not be tolerated. Soldier safety is my top priority and I must hold you accountable for the safety of our Soldiers and the security of our equipment. This is an administrative counseling imposed IAW AR 600-37, Unfavorable Information and not as punishment pursuant to Article 15, UCMJ. My intention is to file this counseling in your local MPRJ. I will carefully consider any extenuating circumstances.


Specialist Snowden will review AR 190-11, Physical Security of Arms, Ammunition, and Explosives, and identify the safety practice he violated. In addition, next month, during monthly weapons cleaning, he will inventory all weapons after issue and again before we break for lunch. After lunch, he will conduct another inventory to ensure all issued weapons are accounted for.


I will monitor SPC Snowden's remedial training and ensure he understands the seriousness of his actions. I will also review our OI and local procedures to ensure that they are current and practical. I will task SPC Snowden with briefing the assembled unit on proper weapons handling procedures.


There have been no further lapses in judgement by SPC Snowden or anyone else in our unit. His meticulous inventory and briefing on proper weapons handling undoubtedly raised our awareness of risks associated with handling weapons and improved our overall safety.

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