Unauthorized Visitor in Barracks

Part II

To establish the rules and privileges of barracks living

Part III

SPC Coleman, on 23 July 2014 a female was found in your barracks room at approximately 0700 by another company's 1SGT. This is in violation of Fort Polk's policy for soldiers living in the barracks. You acknowledged and accepted these rules and standards when you signed for your room.

These rules have been established over time and in response to common problems and circumstances that occur when a large number of people live in close quarters and are in place to protect and support all occupants.

The rule against visitors in the dorm is in place for many reasons: thefts, noise complaints, using day room and showers, inability to hold visitors to the same standard as occupants, and abuse of the visitor privilege by allowing multiple visitors, extended stays, and charging rent.

Disobeying these rules is a breach of trust with the other occupants of the barracks and a violation of UCMJ Article 92, Failure to Obey Orders. Any further problems with following the barracks rules will be met with the appropriate level of discipline, ranging from corrective training to possible eviction from government living quarters to Article 15.

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