Underage Drinking Counseling

Purpose of Counseling

The purpose of this counseling is to address the topic of underage drinking and to ensure that you are aware of the unit's and the Army's policies on underage drinking and the consequences of not adhering to these policies.

AR 600-85, Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Program

Key Points of Discussion

It is illegal for anyone under the age of 21 to drink alcohol in this state. Being a military member does not exempt you from this law or mean that this restriction does not apply to you.

You are under legal drinking age. You are not authorized to buy, possess, or drink any kind of alcohol, whether on-duty or off, on-base or off. This includes low alcohol content drinks such as beer, wine and champagne.

Your room must be kept clean and up-to-standards at all times. As related to this subject, that means that no one else may bring alcohol into your room or consume alcohol in your room.

You are expected to follow all lawful orders, rules and regulations. Within the military, the punishment for illegal drinking ranges from extra duty to non-judicial punishment (Article 15) depending on the circumstances. Non-judical punishment could make you ineligible for promotion, limit assignment opportunities, and in general negatively affect your career.

Use your head. Think before you act. The consequences are not worth the price.

Plan of Action

We will review your conduct at the end of each month during monthly counseling.

Leader Responsibilities

To ensure you understand what your responsibilities are and to follow up to ensure your performance meets standards.

To assess your performance at the end of this month and every month after that in order to ensure you understand your responsibilities.

I will occasionally inspect your room to make sure you are maintaining standards. If I discover any illegal possessions, such as weapons or alcohol, as an NCO, I will have to report it and you will face disciplinary action.

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