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Off-duty Employment Counseling

You must remain in your place of duty until released at the end of the duty day. Formation, unit mission, and duty roster will not be altered at any time to facilitate your off-duty employment. Failure to comply with the command policy will result in your off-duty privileges being revoked immediately.

The place of employment must be in good taste and not in any way perceived to bring discredit upon yourself, the unit or the military service. You are NOT authorized to wear your military uniform at any time during civilian employment as it gives the perception and appearance of sponsorship by the US Army and/or US Government. You are NOT authorized to work in any place that promotes nudity or provocative dress attire or what could be perceived as provocative.

You are NOT authorized to work more than twenty hours per week, a week being defined as a seven day period (e.g. Monday - Sunday). You will be required to provide the posted work schedule stating your upcoming schedule as well as periodically produce/show a means of how many hours you are working to ensure that you are adhering to these requirements.

You will list below the name of the business with which you are seeking employment, address and phone numbers so that you may be reached at all times. In addition, you are not authorized to sign any contract for employment or give any verbal agreement for employment until this and all other pertinent forms have been approved by your Chain of Command. Should there be any conflict with your civilian job, remember that your military duties will take precedence.

Business Address:_________________________________________

Business Phone:___________________________________________

Supervisor Name:__________________________________________

Supervisor Phone:__________________________________________

Squad Leader:___________________________Approved/Disapproved

Platoon Sergeant:________________________Approved/Disapproved

1st Sergeant:____________________________Approved/Disapproved

Platoon Leader:__________________________Approved/Disapproved

Company Commander:____________________Approved/Disapproved

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