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75D Personnel Records Specialist

Around fiscal year 2005, the Personnel CMF changed from 75 to 42 and 75B and 75H merged into a single MOS, 42A, Human Resources Specialist.

Personnel Sergeant
Serves as Personnel Sergeant, oversees over 75 Personnel Records of National Guard Soliders and Officers assigned to the Headquarters, District of Columbia Army National Guard.

75D10 E-1 to E-4
75D20 E-5
75D30 E-6
75D40 E-7

75D, Personnel Records Specialist, maintains military personnel DD201 file.

A 201 file is set of documents maintained by the US government for members of the United States armed forces. 201 files usually contain documents describing the member's military and civilian education history. A 201 file may also contain personal information such as home of record, and awards documents.

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