MOS 79V Retention & Transition NCO Duty Description

Command Career Counselor
Provides career counseling to Army Reserve Soldiers; identifies and transfers eligible IRR Soldiers to SELRES; conducts retention and transition interviews; explains incentives and benefits; determines Soldiers reenlistment or extension eligibility; prepares and processes reenlistments, extensions and transition documents; coordinates reenlistment ceremonies; assists commanders in establishing unit RT program; identifies eligible Soldiers to fill vacant Officer, WO and AGR Recruiter positions; coordinates unit sponsorship program; trains supported unit personnel.

Army Reserve Career Counselor 79V
Serves as the Army Reserve Career Counselor (ARCC) for all Soldiers at USAR center and surrounding IRR population; responsible for maintaining unit retention files, retention board and office battle board; briefs ODC, 79R, AGR, WOC, and education and all career opportunities; assists in unit re-enlistments and extensions; counsels and retrieves NP; advises unit leadership on retention issues and efficacy; assists in support of ARRAP.

Retention NCO
Advises and supports CDRs, CSMs, 1SGs and retention personnel concerning organization, implementation and sustainment of unit retention programs and unit climate; conducts staff assistance visits; provides objective assessments of the unit's retention mission; identifies personnel problems and ensures leadership triad is informed and takes corrective action; conducts initial and sustainment training with DARNs; monitors current strength status; supervises and reviews reenlistment activities; provides counseling and career guidance; explains benefits.

ARCC-79V Retention NCO
Interviews, counsels and qualifies soldiers for transfer, reenlistment, extension, and warrant officer; explains benefits and incentives; prepares reenlistment, extension, transfer, and warrant officer forms and documents; provides career and transition assistance to the Soldiers of the USAR; conducts professional development programs; serves as commander's primary agent for retention, transition and warrant officer activities; explains USAR benefits to family members and staffs a family assistance center during mobilization.

79V40/50 with ASI 7R RCCC Counselor
RCCC is the advisor to the Commander and the CSM on the enlistment/transfer of Active Army Soldiers into the RC; coordinates with Active Army Career Counselors to ensure all eligible Soldiers are counseled regarding RC opportunities and benefits; uses RETAIN to collect Soldier and market data, schedule and track appointments, record Soldier eligibility, and produce electronically generated documents and statistical reports; prepares and conducts training for retention personel and conducts pre-separation briefings; manages reenlistment incentive program.

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